• Best customer service I've ever had with a utility related issue. Great job.

    - Carrie from Premier Luxury Suites, Chicago

  • We are very satisfied with the services that Access One
    provides. We really appreciate it!

    - Connie from People's Home Equity, Inc.

  • It was a pleasure working with Access One. From start to finish, everyone was very
    helpful. The follow-ups were wonderful.

    - Karen from Filmquest Group

  • The installation was done professionally, even after our working hours. We were able to finish the job for that day with the help of your technician.

    - Krystyna from Testing Service Corporation

  • Always pleased with Access One.

    - Sheryl from Mitsui Hightec

  • Your service is superb.

    - Ariel from Dukane/Precast

  • Very good communication and follow-up - much appreciated!

    - Linda from Colliers International

  • Excellent work. Prompt response.

    - Steve from UtilIT

  • The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.

    - Dearborn Partners

  • Repair tech was very clear as far as resolution and excellent at following up.

    - Greta from Glenview State Bank

  • A's on the report card... Access One is my favorite provider to work with I wish the hosted VoIP was available here in Northern CA.

    - Harold from IT Services

  • The customer service was great.

    - Jonny from Clear Channel

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Data Center Colocation

“The fact that we could save money with VPN was great but what I think truly distinguishes Access One from other providers is that when our company was in a bind, they not only provided solutions for the immediate problems but helped plan for the future. That in my opinion is going above and beyond, and is why Access One has earned my allegiance.”

-Dudley Bayne, Chicago Apartment Finders

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Data Center Colocation 

Critical business systems and data are among your business’s most valuable assets. Statistics show that as many as 70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

Most business owners are surprised to find out that the typical office space is a poor environment for housing servers. That’s why the Access One team provides a fully staffed, SAS70 Type II Certified Data Center complete with business continuity services, state of the-art security and fire detection systems, high-capacity redundant power, customizable Ethernet bandwidth, emergency remote hands services, BGP redundancy and customer power configurations.

Utilizing a SAS70 Type II Certified Data Center allows for all of the following necessary conditions to be met:

  • Power Backup: Power surges and outages are extremely common due to weather and the growing strain on the power grid. You need a seamless transition to power backup during outages in order to avoid downtime and protect your hardware from damage.
  • Flood/Leak Protection: Inclement weather can strike at any time and the results can be catastrophic. Your servers need an environment that will protect them from water damage even in the event of an unforeseen disaster.
  • Security: Access to your precious data must be limited to protect against accidental and intentional tampering. Depending upon your industry, there may be laws in place that require restricted access to customer files.
  • Climate Control: A server environment requires temperature to be within 65-80°F, relative humidity between 45-55% and plenty of unrestricted airflow so that machines can regulate temperature during heavy use.
  • Air Quality Control: Dust and other pollutants are the mortal enemies of electronic components. Servers are especially vulnerable because their cooling fans pull air in to keep things running. In order to minimize risk and extend the life of your equipment, it must be cleaned regularly and stored in a clean environment.
  • Connectivity: In order to remain accessible at all times, your systems need a cost-effective redundant broadband connection to the Internet.

To speak with one of our salespeople about Access One's data center colocation service, email AccessOneTeam@AccessOneInc.com or call (312) 441-1000