• Best customer service I've ever had with a utility related issue. Great job.

    - Carrie from Premier Luxury Suites, Chicago

  • We are very satisfied with the services that Access One
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    - Connie from People's Home Equity, Inc.

  • It was a pleasure working with Access One. From start to finish, everyone was very
    helpful. The follow-ups were wonderful.

    - Karen from Filmquest Group

  • The installation was done professionally, even after our working hours. We were able to finish the job for that day with the help of your technician.

    - Krystyna from Testing Service Corporation

  • Always pleased with Access One.

    - Sheryl from Mitsui Hightec

  • Your service is superb.

    - Ariel from Dukane/Precast

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    - Linda from Colliers International

  • Excellent work. Prompt response.

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  • The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.

    - Dearborn Partners

  • Repair tech was very clear as far as resolution and excellent at following up.

    - Greta from Glenview State Bank

  • A's on the report card... Access One is my favorite provider to work with I wish the hosted VoIP was available here in Northern CA.

    - Harold from IT Services

  • The customer service was great.

    - Jonny from Clear Channel

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Data Services

Data Center Colocation

“The fact that we could save money with VPN was great but what I think truly distinguishes Access One from other providers is that when our company was in a bind, they not only provided solutions for the immediate problems but helped plan for the future. That in my opinion is going above and beyond, and is why Access One has earned my allegiance.”

-Dudley Bayne, Chicago Apartment Finders

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Chicago Data Center Colocation

Your company’s data may be your most valuable asset. Sales records, employee and customer information, critical operations files, and so much more often live on a single, insecure server. This data is so vital, that up to 70% of all small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year and even a temporary outage can grind business to a halt for hours or days.

SAS70 Type II Data Centers

Access One provides SAS70 Type II Certified data centers for all of our colocation packages. Sound like gibberish? What it means is that you never have to worry about your data; we keep it safe from all kinds of threats.

Power Surges and Outages

An ill-timed lightning strike or rolling blackout can easily knock out your server. When that happens, any files that are currently in use can quickly become corrupted and unusable, the server can suffer irreparable, physical damage, and, at the very least, your business will inevitably face downtime where nothing can be accomplished while you wait for the server to come back online.

Access One offers protection from surges and a seamless transition to backup power any time there’s a power fluctuation. You and your server will never know if there’s an issue on the power grid because you’ll be up and running, conducting your business without so much as a hiccup.

Floods and Leaks

Accidents happen and inclement weather can strike at any time. People try all kinds of things to save their cell phone when it gets wet from letting it rest in a bag of dry rice to baking it at low temperatures in the oven, but that’s not something you can do when your server gets water damage.

We keep our servers in an environment where they will never face water damage. Torrential downpour? No problem. Burst plumbing? Our servers never see a drop of it. You can never know when to expect a disaster, but we’re always prepared for the next one.

Hacking and Tampering

Many industries have laws in place that restrict access to customer files, and even if yours doesn’t, your customers surely want their information kept secure. Maintaining a server on-site creates opportunity for many threats. Is your security software up to date? Who has access to the server room? Is the door always locked?

We’ll keep your servers locked down, digitally and physically, to keep them free from hacks and intentional or accidental tampering. We take your security just as seriously as you do, and the last thing we want to see is a breach in security.

Temperature and Humidity

Data servers are picky, requiring very specific temperature and relative humidity control; something that’s well beyond the scope and even budget of an average IT Department with an in house server. Over time, a server kept in the wrong conditions will begin to slow down, losing functionality and eventually break down completely.

Our server environments are kept comfortably within the temperature and humidity requirements to help fight off overheating, corrosion, and other threats that may seem like minor details but over time can wear on your server.


Not only does the temperature and humidity of the air impact your server, so do any contaminants that are in it. In fact, the first computer bug was literally that - a moth that worked its way into the punch cards and brought the whole system to a grinding halt! But even tiny motes of dust and other debris can cause a catastrophic failure. If you’ve ever taken a look inside a computer, you know how it works. The cooling fans blow in all kinds of dust, hair, and dirt which build up and can scratch sensitive components and cause overheating.

We take special care in maintaining a clean environment, free of as many contaminants as possible, and regularly clean the inner workings of the machines. By keeping everything spotless, our machines are able to run longer and more reliably.


Your server holds vital information that you need to access at your convenience, at any moment of every day, and power outages aren’t the only threat to 24/7 availability. Anything from an ISP outage to routine maintenance on a cable line can knock out your connection to the Internet without warning.

For true reliability, you need a redundant, hard-wired connection to the Internet. By taking this extra precaution, we can guarantee that even if one line goes down unexpectedly, there’s always a backup to keep you online and in business.

To speak with one of our salespeople about Access One's data center colocation service, email AccessOneTeam@AccessOneInc.com or call (312) 441-1000