• Best customer service I've ever had with a utility related issue. Great job.

    - Carrie from Premier Luxury Suites, Chicago

  • We are very satisfied with the services that Access One
    provides. We really appreciate it!

    - Connie from People's Home Equity, Inc.

  • It was a pleasure working with Access One. From start to finish, everyone was very
    helpful. The follow-ups were wonderful.

    - Karen from Filmquest Group

  • The installation was done professionally, even after our working hours. We were able to finish the job for that day with the help of your technician.

    - Krystyna from Testing Service Corporation

  • Always pleased with Access One.

    - Sheryl from Mitsui Hightec

  • Your service is superb.

    - Ariel from Dukane/Precast

  • Very good communication and follow-up - much appreciated!

    - Linda from Colliers International

  • Excellent work. Prompt response.

    - Steve from UtilIT

  • The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.

    - Dearborn Partners

  • Repair tech was very clear as far as resolution and excellent at following up.

    - Greta from Glenview State Bank

  • A's on the report card... Access One is my favorite provider to work with I wish the hosted VoIP was available here in Northern CA.

    - Harold from IT Services

  • The customer service was great.

    - Jonny from Clear Channel

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Virtual Numbers

"Thanks for being so helpful and attentive! Is there something wrong with me if I get excited about how great my phone company is?’"

Karl Fife, Chief Information Officer
Chicago Venture Partners

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Virtual Numbers

With Virtual Numbers, also called Direct Inward Dialing numbers, your business can establish a virtual presence in multiple locations while receiving the calls in one centralized office. A virtual number isn’t connected to a specific telephone line; instead, it forwards calls to an existing line, whether it’s a traditional phone or VoIP system. They work equally well for traveling sales professionals, who can have the number linked to both their office and cell phones, or for a call center where incoming calls get linked to the next available employee.

Customers feel a sense of ease when they see a local phone number they can call for support. They know that they’re supporting a business that has an impact on their local community, not one that only exists half a world away, not to mention the fact that it’s more familiar and easier to remember.

Setup is easy: just choose a number in your desired area code, add it to your service, and your number will instantly be up and running. You can add or remove virtual numbers as needed to meet your needs, and your dedicated Access One team will provide you with the support you need.

Give us a call at (312) 441-1000 or email AccessOneTeam@AccessOneInc.com to set up your Virtual Number today.