Data Center Colocation

Build Your Own Cloud in Our World-Class Data Center

What Is Data Center Colocation?

A colocation or "colo" data center refers to the renting of space for servers and other hardware at a data center facility. Managed colocation services include use of the building, networking, security, and redundant power and cooling to protect your equipment. Colocation centers provide the ultimate physical space for your equipment, while you continue to control your hardware and concentrate on running your business.

Why Do You Need a Data Center Colocation?

When you have mission-critical applications that require 100 percent uptime, unfailing Internet and power, and a degree of security, control and cost-certainty that cannot be found with public cloud solutions (AWS, Azure, etc.), you need Data Center Colocation. Our customers use their colocation space for a host of reasons: as a place to host their B to B and B to C applications. As a place for distributed computing resources and high-end phone systems. As a place to house applications and data accessed by employees around the country and around the world. Whatever your need for colocation space, you will not find a more secure physical space to house the technical lifeblood of your organization than an Access One data center.

SAS70 Type II Data Centers

Access One leases space in some of the world's premier data centers, in which we provide SAS70 Type II Certified data centers for all our colocation packages. Our centers offer you access to multiple power grids, multi-generator backup, fully redundant and diverse fiber-path Internet from multiple carriers, and Tier 1 physical security. Our facilities provide best-in-class power and cooling capabilities, allowing unrivaled power consumption/sq. ft. — perfect for power-hungry applications!

Access One provides data center space with greater flexibility than most providers — we have options ranging to from 1/3 of a rack, to custom-defined square footage. This flexibility provides cost-effectiveness for even a single hosted server at our facilities.

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