Dedicated Internet Access

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What Is Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is what connects your staff to their work —  it’s the connection between your business and your customers. Most business applications today are delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS). Modern phone systems use VOIP signaling and are partially or completely cloud-based. Internet delivery of these crucial business services has meant significant savings for business and nearly infinite portability. You can now take your core business functions anywhere —  anywhere that has Internet access. The downside of nearly all business applications being cloud- or Internet-hosted is that you absolutely must maintain high-quality Internet access. An internet service outage can drive the productivity of your staff to zero. No phones. No applications.

Maintaining multiple, diverse, high-quality Internet access methods has become a crucial success factor for most businesses. 

Our Dedicated Internet Access Service

At Access One, we understand that Internet access means more than just access to the Internet. With cloud-hosted, mission-critical applications, web-delivered reporting, cloud data storage and backup, web collaboration, digital marketing, and web and social media presence, an Internet presence is more important than a physical presence for many companies. Secure, thoughtful, always-on Internet access is critical for such companies.

When you partner with Access One, we work with you to understand your need for redundant Internet access. With so much of your productivity dependent on the web, the costs of an Internet outage of any duration can be devastating. That’s why your committed Account Executive works with you to design a custom DIA solution to meet your unique business needs.

Benefits of Our Dedicated Internet Access

  • High level of redundancy
  • High performance access
  • Unparalleled support 24/7

Features of Our Dedicated Internet Access

  • Speeds vary from 1.5Mb to 10Gb
  • Service delivered via DSL, TDM, Coax, Ethernet, wireless or fiber optic media
  • Fully managed router
  • Static IP addresses


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