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Ultimate Network Reliability for Businesses Running Applications in the Cloud or Across a WAN

What Is Software-Defined Networking (SDN)?

As more business applications move to the cloud, "always-on," high-bandwidth Internet access is becoming a critical business need. Software-defined networking is a flexible, reliable and secure cloud-based network that provides this access and highly secure WAN functionality. SDN can be used to combine multiple Internet, MPLS and/or private connections into a single, unbreakable path to both the public Internet and other business locations.

SDN benefits:

  • SDN is redundant, highly available and secure
  • It is frequently less expensive to operate than MPLS
  • It provides "active/active" connectivity — your backup connection doesn't sit idle until an outage occurs; you use that bandwidth continuously, and in an aggregated way. Your total service speed is the sum of your Internet connections
  • SDN can put far-flung areas on an existing wide area network (WAN), often at a much lower cost than MPLS
  • It is carrier agnostic, meaning that Access One's SDN network can be combined with other Internet service provider connections to form a single connection
  • SDN provides Quality of Experience (QoE) over the public Internet by prioritizing the types of traffic important to your business

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN uses software to create a network across large distances and multiple Internet connections, simplifying branch office networking while also making it more reliable. SD-WAN optimizes application performance and reliability for mission-critical WAN and cloud applications.

Access One can manage your network, providing all the benefits of SD-WAN, allowing you time to concentrate on the strategic issues that move your business forward. We provide:

  • Centralized professional management 24/7/365
  • Automated branch failover SLAs up to 99.999 percent
  • Proactive alerts with remote troubleshooting and repair
  • Network analytics and Quality of Experience (QoE) reports


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