Can You Stop Today’s IT Security Threats?

Ensure Your IT Security Program Makes the Grade

To stay ahead of modern IT security threats, you need a strong IT security program. Does yours include everything you need to protect your business?

This free audit checklist helps you accurately assess your program.

Does Your IT Security Program Include These Critical Elements?

Your IT security needs to check off all these boxes:

Security awareness training

Email security

Threat detection

Vulnerability assessments

Endpoint and server security

Next generation firewall

Backup and disaster recovery



Each of these pieces has its own set of requirements. Without meeting all of them, your IT security program is missing the mark, which means you’re still vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Protect Yourself With a Better IT Security Program

A comprehensive IT security program will keep you ahead of today’s innovative cyber criminals. When you work with a managed security partner such as Access One, you get the guidance and expertise you need to ensure you don’t skip critical elements that could leave you vulnerable.

"The representatives are knowledgeable, easy to talk to, always patient and precise until each matter is resolved. Not to mention, they follow up with us. After each and every call I place, a follow up (via call or email) is made to assure that everything is functioning properly or our issue is resolved. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and expertise that the staff exudes."

"I have been a happy Access One customer for the past nine years and have recently committed to keeping my services with them for the next two years. During the span of time that I have been a customer, Access One has done a great job in managing my account, offering me competitive, low rates and always keeping in touch to make sure that all is well."

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David Stein,

Malcolm S. Gerald and Associates

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Georgia Center for Ear, Nose & Throat

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Chicago Apartment Finders

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