Disaster Recovery

Survive a Network or Data Disaster

What Is Disaster Recovery?

It’s not a matter of if, but of when — sooner or later, your company will be affected by a catastrophic event. Because downtime and data loss can be foreseen, you can mitigate the risks — including huge expenses, bankruptcy or even the loss of the business — through planning. Access One’s disaster recovery planning services provide peace of mind that your information is always safe, even in the event of a disaster.

Disaster recovery solutions facilitate the restoration of business technology and operations after major disruptions such as fires, floods and tornados; ransomware demands and viruses; loss of your facility, technology or infrastructure; and loss of data due to maliciousness, hacking or security breaches. A disaster recovery service plan is about more than just survival of IT services through data recovery/managed backup/cloud backup services.

A good disaster recovery plan addresses the following issues:

  • How far back do you need to go for effective business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR)?
  • What do your customers and partners require to work successfully with your business?
  • What service dependencies will impair other areas of your business?
  • What is your tolerance for downtime?
  • How much data can you afford to lose?
  • What do you need to maintain business operations?
  • What is your security plan?
  • What are the human capital risks as they relate to your technology services?
  • What role does your phone service play in a disaster plan?

What Is Included in a Disaster Recovery Plan?

When you have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place, you know how to respond after a catastrophe happens. An effective plan allows you to keep your business running, maintaining the confidence of your employees as well as your customers. Your plan should include:

  • Steps to keep your employees safe
  • A method for communicating with workers and customers
  • Identification of redundant systems and facilities
  • A list of software that will need to be restored
  • A thorough inventory of your equipment
  • A list of vital phone numbers for support
  • Dissemination of the DR plan and training throughout your organization
  • Timely reviews and updates to keep your plan current

Learn More About Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Access One helps small and mid-sized businesses like yours recover from a disaster. The following blog posts provide more information about disaster recovery and how we create plans to help mitigate the effects of a disaster.

Will Your Business Survive a Disaster?

How much time do you think it would take to recover from a disaster? How much would it cost? Check out the Downtime Calculator from US Signal, our partner in local and cloud backup and disaster recovery, to evaluate your recovery time and costs.

Access One offers a free network risk assessment so you know what’s at stake. Contact us today to request an evaluation of your preparedness.

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