Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud IaaS for Speed, Reliability and Accessibility

Instantly Available Computing Resources, Located at World-Class Data Centers, Managed by the Best and Brightest

Why purchase and manage expensive servers, hardware and networking equipment when you can take advantage of cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) instead? With our flexible, hosted IaaS service, you can quickly scale your online infrastructure in our private cloud offering or in a public cloud offering from Microsoft (Azure) or Amazon (AWS).

What exactly is IaaS? We partner with infrastructure-as-a-service providers, who manage the infrastructure that you use through your agreement with Access One. You choose to buy, install and manage your own software (unless you opt for SAAS, or software as a service).

IaaS offers you access to virtual resources on the Internet that you can use for website hosting, creating a testing/development application, storing and backing up data, and deploying and supporting web apps. Plus, take advantage of the cloud’s tremendous processing power by performing complex computing and analyzing massive amounts of information or “big data.”

Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service

  • Downsize or eliminate your on-premise data center
  • Reduce capital expenditures on infrastructure
  • Decrease in-house IT management requirements
  • Enjoy the most secure data backup and recovery services
  • Eliminate spending on temporary workload increases
  • Innovate more quickly with computing available on demand
  • Increase reliability with always up-to-date software and hardware 

Public vs. Private Cloud Services

Public cloud computing means that the provider is responsible for managing and maintaining the data center. The public cloud is a cost-effective, no-maintenance, infrastructure solution in which hardware and storage are shared, and the user is not required to set up or manage servers. Because it is shared by many companies, some potential users wonder about security. However, while the cloud is shared, your data is not, and security breaches are very rare.

A private cloud solution is dedicated to a single company. It can be managed by the company itself through its servers and data center, or hosted by a third party. Because access is limited to a single entity, the private cloud is configured to meet the unique needs of the individual client, making this option ideal for companies requiring the highest levels of security and compliance.

Which solution is right for you? Larger companies and those with high security and compliance requirements or a predictable level of need tend to choose the private cloud. Unless the private cloud is “virtual,” it requires dedicated hardware, which affects speed and scalability. Public cloud allows users to rapidly scale, making this the best choice for companies that anticipate rapidly changing computing infrastructure needs or those with limited resources to manage their private cloud environment. Can’t decide? Contact us to discuss — we even offer hybrids that combine both cloud environments.

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