Managed Switches

Ensure Application Quality on Your Network

What Are Network Switches?

Switches are boxes that connect multiple devices (computers, printers, phones and servers) on your Local Area Network (LAN) for the purpose of moving data between them. In other words, switches allow your networked devices to communicate with each other.

Unmanaged Ethernet switches do not require configuration, work in a basic form, and are most often found in homes and small offices. A managed network switch, on the other hand, can be configured to your unique requirements, offering more flexibility, reliability and capacity, which results in greater productivity, security and the ability to scale up to meet your needs. Managed switches are a must to ensure voice quality when running VOIP services over a LAN shared with computing resources.

Network Switch Management

Access One can manage the quality of experience for the various applications running on your local network. With our help, you can optimize your Voice over IP (VoIP), video, and other real-time, mission-critical business applications. Access One can assume management responsibilities for the switches already on your network, or configure and deploy new switches to meet your specific need.

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