Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics

APO Gets the Stability and Security Needed for Critical, Cloud-Based Applications

After a bad experience with a cloud infrastructure provider, Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics (APO), a comprehensive orthopedic care center in Illinois, reached out to Access One for help getting the stability and security they needed for their critical, cloud-based applications. Thanks to Access One, APO was able to resolve its security issue, and the company decided to move its IT infrastructure management to Access One in the summer of 2019.

The Situation

APO suffered multiple extensive service outages, degraded server performance, and a serious ransomware attack while utilizing a cloud-infrastructure provider.

Their negative technology experience was affecting their ability to treat their patients, and it threatened their profitability. As a result, they needed an MSP to hold the cloud provider accountable and help plan a secure and stable IT infrastructure to meet regulatory compliance needs. Prudent project planning was also needed to migrate services from the cloud provider over time.

The Solution

Access One changed firewall policies to ensure APO's applications were easily accessible by employees while they were also safeguarded against intrusion.

Access One also:

  • Optimized the server infrastructure
  • Fought for regular reporting of data protection
  • Managed the cloud provider to achieve the desired result

The Results

APO moved all of its server and desktop management to Access One after Access One successfully resolved their security issue.

APO was also able to:

  • Quickly recover from its ransomware attack
  • Begin working with a cloud and infrastructure provider that understands its needs
  • Ensure its data is secure
  • Feel as though it had a reliable partner for technology
  • Healthcare
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