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Growing Health Center Looks to Control Communications Expense

As the healthcare industry continues to demand more technology, many organizations face difficulties managing the cost of communications and implementing the most efficient type of communication service. Family Christian was looking to reduce the cost of communication services in order to focus on organizational growth initiatives.

The Situation

As Family Christian expands their outreach, voice and data service is becoming vital to support the network and allow for growth capacity. Telecommunications services are often overlooked as way to enhance business efficiency, but many carriers provide subpar service due to things like insufficient account management and complicated invoicing.

In 2011, Family Christian Health Center was faced with challenges in their communications infrastructure ranging from bandwidth efficiency, cost management, product and service awareness, billing clarity, service contract restraints, service cancellation fees, and a cluttered phone closet – and needed to find a telecommunications provider that was willing to put in the effort to solve those challenges. 

The Solution

Access One analyzed the current services, consulted with FCHC about their user experience and plans for the future, and provided a comprehensive solution so the employees could better serve their patients.

In evaluating the most appropriate service provider to support their voice and data infrastructure Family Christian chose Access One. Monthly costs were reduced as services were upgraded. Telecommunication services were supported appropriately by adding a true partner and reliable Account Manager to oversee the operation for them. The Accounts Payable Department is pleased with a cleaner invoicing process, users are more productive, operational expenses are reduced, and the organization is finally receiving the support that their incumbent provider could not deliver. 

Access One is a business technology services and communications provider, dedicated to world-class technologies and an award-winning client experience. Founded in 1993, Access One strives to provide businesses with seamless technology services that scale and evolve along with their business. Custom-tailored solutions can be delivered modularly, or as a complete, end-to-end service, providing an unrivaled level of accountability for clients' communications, managed IT and cloud-based services. Access One's services give businesses back their time and increase productivity. Access One's clients' success is their success. For more information, please visit or call (800)804.8333.

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