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Preparing for the Worst: Ensuring Business Continuity with Data Center Colocation

In today's marketplace, your company's data is among its most valuable assets. Utilizing offsite data center colocation can ensure that your data is secure, accessible, and compliant - allowing you to place all your focus on day-to-day operations.

The Situation

TRIUNE Health Group is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions relating to employee health and wellness. Rising workers’ compensation costs demand solutions from insurance providers that manage the total continuum of employer-employee related health care costs, and this is TRIUNE’s area of expertise.

Clients rely on TRIUNE to keep their employees’ personal information confidential and secure. Formerly, TRIUNE did not utilize a colocation service; both of their servers were located onsite, where in the event of a disaster, the inability to recover sensitive data would have been catastrophic. 

The Solution

Access One migrated TRIUNE’s data from its onsite servers to Access One’s colocation facility. A business continuity plan was put in place, protecting TRIUNE from network threats like viruses and data theft as well as external threats such as fire and sudden power loss. Access One’s SAS70 Type II data center ensured that TRIUNE’s data was both secure and compliant- and gave TRIUNE employees access to 24/7/365 support from onsite operations staff.

For the first time, TRIUNE was prepared for anything – with both the technology to protect their data and the support and preparation to minimize downtime in the event of an onsite disaster. 

The Results

“The colocation itself is very high quality and met our needs, but it was the human touch that was important. We haven’t looked back since moving our servers into the data center. We have such a level of peace and calm now whenever a storm rolls around, as I know our data is safe and will always be up. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner! Access One has continued to be there providing new options and helping us to stay ahead of the game. Their attention to detail as well as insight into solutions that we could use makes them a valuable partner in our overall success. They bring the personal touch to a technical world.”

James Yep
Chief Operating Officer & Medical Department Manager
TRIUNE Health Group

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