Primary Rate Interface Voice Services

PRI Voice Services from Access One

For decades, primary rate interface (PRI) has been the standard-bearer for professional-grade business voice services, and that’s why Access One has been providing PRI services since our founding in 1993. Whether your company is fully invested in continuing with PRI technology for a premise-based phone system, or continuing with PRI access until it has fully formed its VoiP strategy, Access One possesses the necessary flexibility and experience to power either option via our own network.

What Is PRI?

An ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) PRI line is an end-to-end digital voice circuit that allows up to 23 inbound or outbound calls at any given time. PRI also allows for the use of direct inward dials (DIDs), which means that calls can bypass the receptionist and go directly to a person’s extension.

PRI service is one of our time-division multiplexing (TDM), or traditional, voice services — along with Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and analog T1. We provide true PRI via a T1 line, or via a handoff from a data circuit. In addition to our traditional PRI service, we offer PRI and analog handoffs from our VoIP-based integrated voice and data solution.

PRI Voice Service Benefits

The strengths of PRI include:

  • The superior call quality characteristic of digital service
  • High reliability — PRI is not an Internet technology, so it is not subject to Internet issues
  • Greater security due to transmission through the private switched telephone network
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