VoIP Business Phone System for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol Trunking Services Optimize Bandwidth Utilization


Bring-Your-Own-Bandwidth Increases Productivity and Improves Communications

Raise Your Voice for VoIP Services

Access One, a leading VoIP service provider, offers VoIP service that allows you to leverage your preexisting data or IP infrastructure to handle and transmit voice communications. Instead of transmitting voice over traditional telephone lines, VoIP converts spoken words into packets of voice data, which are then sent via a broadband Internet connection. Other than plugging the VoIP phone into your router instead of a phone jack, using VoIP is identical to using an ordinary phone — the difference lies in the technology behind it.

VoIP Service Benefits

  • Maximize available Internet bandwidth, while providing redundancy and backup
  • Eliminate unnecessary circuits and infrastructure, potentially saving you money
  • Reduce monthly telephone costs by eliminating expensive long-distance calls
  • Enjoy increased functionality (conference calling, caller ID, voicemail and call waiting) at no additional cost
  • Keep mobile employees productive by accessing the phone system via the Internet
  • Allow for growth without additional expenses due to VoIP scalability and flexibility
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