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Most businesses in the digital era are aware of the need to backup data. In fact, research by Clutch reported that 78% of small businesses will have cloud data backups in place by this year. Backing up your data is a critical part of your disaster recovery strategy. What’s often overlooked, however, is the need to have multiple backups. In an era where your systems are vulnerable from multiple angles, a best practice in data backup is doing it in more than one place. Here are four reasons you need to backup data more intelligently now:

1. Digital Transformation = Digital Risk

Businesses of all sizes are undertaking digital transformation processes, which create new digital risks. Gartner estimates that this year, 60% of businesses will suffer major service failures due to a lack of IT’s ability to manage new risks. One way to mitigate the effects of this is to backup data at multiple points – not just on-premise, but using a cloud solution that’s hosted off-site.

2. Cyber Security Threats are Evolving

2020’s cyber criminals are a different breed. Threats are constantly evolving, and security measures often can’t keep up. Having an intelligent data backup plan ensures that no matter what type of threat you’re hit by, your data can be securely retrieved so that business continues as usual.

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3. Your Reputation is at Stake

Data breaches are common and can be fatal to businesses – and not just financially. A data breach deals a critical blow to any business that doesn’t have their data properly backed up. Losing sensitive data doesn’t just mean you suffer monetary losses – it also means your customers lose trust in your brand.

4. Cloud Computing Necessitates Multiple Backups

Cloud data backup is a smart strategy – if it’s not the only backup strategy you have. Make sure your cloud provider offers multiple backups, ideally in disparate geographic locations. This can be in addition to on-premise backups, if you have those in place.

Smart organizations backup data in multiple places. The days of on-premise backups being the only strategy are done. At Access One, we’re your partner in ensuring your data is securely and intelligently backed up. Your business will be faced by a variety of threats, and we’ll ensure you have the systems and backups in place to stay up and running in all circumstances. If you’re ready for a smarter data backup strategy, contact Access One today.