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Every industry is quickly realizing the key to running a successful business is using new technology to achieve goals. While new technology is helpful and necessary, it is constantly evolving at a rate that many business owners may not be able to keep up with on their own. This is why many businesses are turning to managed IT services in 2017.

There are several reasons why managed IT services are beneficial for businesses.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reliability

  • By working with a managed IT services company, your staff can collaborate with them to complete projects and learn from a more experienced team.  
  • If your in-house IT staff is faced with a new or complicated problem, your managed IT service company can help troubleshoot the issue.  
  • Managed IT companies also have access to the latest technology such as remote monitoring, cloud computing, and backup and disaster recovery to keep your business current on all the new tools available.   

Increased Security

  • IT service professionals are up-to-date on the latest and most advanced security measures. They can ensure that all your company laptops, desktops, smartphones, and applications are safe and protected against hackers.  
  • This is especially important since many companies offer e-Commerce on their websites.  
  • Since your employees do not work around the clock, this ensures that someone is available to deal with an issue, even when your staff is away from the office. This way, problems can be detected before they become a major headache.

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Managed IT companies provide coverage 24/7/365. This means that you can always get in touch with someone to answer questions or discuss new options for your business.  
  • Your service provider is also available to troubleshoot and fix issues, before you are even aware that they exist.  
  • Managed IT providers can alert you when new technology becomes available or when your software requires an update.  

Increased Cost Efficiency

  • Partnering with a managed IT service company is actually a wise financial investment. Deploying and managing network systems and storage can quickly become expensive for a business owner. Outsourcing these functions to a third party allows you as a business owner to break up these costs into a predictable monthly payment.  
  • It is also more cost-effective to outsource these services, rather than on-boarding and training a full staff to handle all the various tasks.  

Reduced Pressure On Your IT Staff

  • Not only is partnering with a managed IT service provider a wise financial decision, it also helps to alleviate stress for your staff. Rather than worrying about the company’s network safety, employees can focus on achieving the objectives they were originally hired to fulfill.  
  • Your in-house staff will also be able to focus on their everyday work, rather than putting out fires when something goes wrong. Employees can focus on high level tasks instead of resetting passwords, retrieving lost emails, or fixing other security issues.  

Technology evolves every year, and 2017 will not be an exception. In order to keep your business safe and growing in the new year, it is critical that business owners address the best way to manage their security, network, and other technology. Hiring an outsourced managed IT provider is the best way to keep your network secure and reliable while letting your staff focus on doing what they were trained to do. Contact Access One today to talk about how managed services can help your business this new year!