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Small businesses face a number of unique technology problems, and Access One understands those problems. We have solutions for common technology issues likely to be faced during normal operations and can keep your technology running more effectively.

1. Integration Issues

When you release new technologies, they don’t always integrate as seamlessly as you’d like with your existing system. Two common issues often arise from integration problems: either you end up with double entry of data or you end up having to look in more than one place for critical information. Access One will help your move go smoothly without duplication or loss of data.

2. Backup and Disaster Recovery Challenges

Power outages, server crashes, and even accidents all have the power to delete data, leaving you scrambling to get it back into your system. A solid backup and recovery plan will ensure that your business is able to keep running smoothly. Your backups are stored in a safe, offsite location that will enable you to get your system up and running again with minimal loss of data.

3. Root Cause vs. Temporary Fix

In many cases, you find yourself temporarily patching technology issues instead of creating the permanent fix. Access One is dedicated to finding the root cause of both software and hardware issues to stop the problem at its source. Instead of getting a quick fix that will most likely fail again, you’ll have the assurance that your repair will keep running smoothly long-term.

4. Security Risks

Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and small businesses are finding themselves targeted more now than ever before. Your trade secrets, confidential customer information, communications, and HR records are all stored on your computers. If your security isn’t updated regularly, it can all be at risk. You don’t want that information to end up in the wrong hands, leaving you and your customers in danger of theft, fraud, or legal action. Working with Access One will ensure that you have the latest security protections and that your business is not only compliant, but truly secure.

5. Lack of Strategic IT Planning

Access One will help you develop a strategic IT plan that integrates both your short-term goals and your long-term needs. Strong planning will allow your business the freedom to experience greater growth. By integrating business leaders with your IT team, you’ll be able to prevent your technology from lagging behind the rest of your business.

6. Waiting Until Something Breaks

Many IT departments struggle to keep up with their daily responsibilities. They deal with problems as they arise, but never have the opportunity to get ahead. At Access One, we don’t believe in waiting until something breaks to fix it. Instead, we’ll work with you to ensure that your computers, networks, and servers get the regular maintenance they need in order to keep running smoothly. With the right IT processes, problems can be predicted, planned for, and dealt with long before they become serious concerns.

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7. Frustrated Users

If your employees are working with slow or outdated systems every day, it won’t take long for them to become frustrated. Not only that, it decreases their productivity and output, which means that your business is missing out on opportunities. How would it impact your business if every employee was able to get just five percent more accomplished every day? Simply keeping your technology updated can make a huge difference in employee productivity and overall satisfaction.

Access One is committed to ensuring that your business has everything it needs to keep its technology running smoothly, from regular maintenance that will predict problems before they occur to troubleshooting enabling employees to get back to their jobs sooner. Avoid technology issues that could restrict your potential for growth and slow down your productivity with dedicated support from Access One.