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When you don’t want anyone outside your business to access your communications . . .

Private lines and MPLS give you what you need, whether you’re connecting from one side of the street to the other or from coast to coast.

Private lines and MPLS give you the reliable, fast, and secure communications that you need to stay competitive and growing.

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Total Security

No one outside of your company can access private lines.

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Highly Scalable

Customize and scale service at each location.

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Improve Performance With Prioritization

MPLS prioritizes critical packets such as voice or video over non-essential traffic.

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Enhanced Performance and Reliability

By routing traffic through Layer 2, you can free valuable Layer 3 resources, enhancing overall network performance reliability.

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Network Extension to More Entities

As mobile and IoT devices become critical business assets, companies must extend existing networks. Multi-protocol label switching reduces the complexity of integrating those new entities.

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Single Network

Consolidate voice, video, and data.

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Streamlined Disaster Recovery

You can make disaster recovery more efficient by linking redundant data centers.

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Improved Control of Network Infrastructure

MPLS’s visibility into traffic movement and network behavior helps admins to identify issues and remedy router problems.

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Service Expansion to More Network Users

Expanding network connections with MPLS is simplified by a label-based routing process, making it easy to onboard new users.

Get the Ultimate in Privacy, Security, Speed, Reliability, and Flexibility

MPLS networks provide large-scale, truly private, low-latency, high-quality, and secure connectivity with data prioritization across wide area networks (WANs).

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Private Lines With MPLS Offer Truly Private, Low-Latency, High Quality, and Secure Connectivity

With highly scalable and protocol-agnostic MPLS, our private lines offer fully managed routers, quality of service (QoS) and service level agreements (SLAs) designed to deliver seamless MPLS performance, and 24/7 monitoring and support.