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The COVID-19 pandemic created dramatic shifts in modern business operations. Entire workforces have been remote for months – and while some businesses are moving toward hybrid models that involve in-office work, many companies are looking at remote models that will last indefinitely.

To stay engaged, secure, and productive, the modern workforce requires a different level of technological support than what worked in an office setting. Managed IT services address the challenges of remote and hybrid teams – and prepare you for your employees’ future expectations for flexible work environments.

Managed Security

Security is a serious concern in remote and hybrid environments. Employees working from home over insecure connections on personal devices may unintentionally open the door to cyber attacks and data breaches. Phishing attacks are also on the rise, and untrained employees may fall prey to social engineering scams disguised as informational emails about COVID-19.

A managed IT security provider helps minimize the vulnerabilities presented by the modern workforce. A good provider will:

  • Secure your vulnerable endpoints and workstations.
  • Provide security awareness training to minimize the risk of human error.
  • Offer expert, ongoing security guidance and support.

IT Management

Managing IT became an even more complex undertaking when employees shifted suddenly to remote work. Even after months of remote work, there are certain elements of IT management that are difficult to handle without expert support.

Chances are, you had to deploy new technology or applications that enable remote work at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately for some end users, managing installation themselves is too complicated an endeavor – making any useful new technology a source of frustration. A managed IT provider can give your end users the personal support they need. This enables better productivity and frees up your internal IT staff to step away from the help desk and focus on larger-scale issues.


Even in a post-COVID-19 world, employees will still demand flexible working environments. Whether that involves remote or hybrid work, or simply the ability to continue holding virtual meetings, employees will seek safe working arrangements that also allow for better work/life balance. Managed, cloud-based communication and collaboration platforms like unified communications as a service (UCaaS) give the modern workforce the flexibility they demand, with all the communication functionality they need to do their jobs successfully.

The modern workforce has new requirements and expectations. Managed IT services give you the tools and support to fulfill those needs and keep your business secure and running smoothly. Access One provides personalized solutions that will help you sustain productivity – no matter how your working environments might change. Contact us today for the support you need now and into the future.