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by Ryan O’Halloran, Vice President of Managed Services, Access One

Many managed services providers (MSPs) are struggling to bridge the security gap for small and medium businesses. SMBs increasingly require advanced security at affordable prices, and MSPs are falling behind meeting this need. But Access One has evolved to offer managed security as a service – including advanced security products and consulting services – to address a present phenomenon known as security fatigue.

Security Fatigue

Security fatigue affects businesses that are tasked with making too many complex decisions in a short period of time. Overloading efforts, in turn, not only exhausts resources but also results in insufficient technology progress. What’s more, without technology awareness, prudent project implementations, and evolved technology management, businesses can suffer greatly from numerous threats including:

  • Ransomware
  • Data manipulation
  • Data destruction
  • Spyware/malware
  • Rogue software
  • Phishing
  • And more!

How MSPs Offering Security Can Help

MSPs who hold the advantage of offering security services can help address crucial pain points in a business, especially for those that have an incomplete cyber security model. Access One is unique in providing such security. We can formulate a data breach incident response plan that helps document breach discoveries, offers notifications, preserves evidence, isolates affected systems, and more 24x7x365.

This, paired with ongoing network risk assessments designed to evaluate the health of your business technology, will ensure you have a customized managed service program that will help you reach your network security goals.

Virtual CISO

Acting as a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO), Access One can manage risk, aid in compliance efforts, and maintain ongoing enterprise success. As a senior-level executive partnering with a business’ C-Suite, a vCISO can establish the strategy and vision of a company. However, in order to ensure effective security, each security department must be managed, and each of its three roles – people, process, and technology – must be filled.

In order to determine what you need or want out of your vCISO relationship, we use an implementation roadmap that addresses your business pain points, current situation, what’s important to you, and more to help you gain the on-demand access to the security resources you need.

Ready for an MSP That Offers Security?

If you’re in need of an MSP that bridges the security gap, contact Access One to meet your network security goals. We’re one of a few MSPs that can offer this new IT frontier. And we’ll ensure that you have a customized plan that will protect your business against cyber threats. Call us to get started.