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There continues to be a number of myths regarding cloud communications security. It’s important to understand the truth about these key topics.

Who’s More Susceptible to Attacks?

Among the more pervasive myths is that the cloud is affected by more breaches than on-premise systems. However, when you consider two very common types of attack — botnets and malware — the fact is that on-premise is more susceptible to these attacks.

Cloud-based providers must keep their reputations spotless, and this isn’t possible when they’re getting hit with malware on a regular basis. This leads providers to go above and beyond to put strong policies in place to prevent attacks.

Is the Cloud Really Less Secure?

While it’s slowly beginning to fade out, there is still a myth that data stored in the cloud is inherently not safe. Because of this, some organizations will prefer to maintain large server rooms, continually paying big money to manage and upgrade infrastructure. Furthermore, they’re putting untold IT man-hours toward their on-premise solutions, just because they don’t trust their data in the cloud.

The truth is, cloud providers are able to bring expert staff onboard to ensure client data is indeed safe — often far safer than any small- to mid-sized organization can muster with restricted budgets. Most find that when they jump to the cloud, their cloud communications security processes drastically improve.

I Don’t Physically Control My Data. Is it Secure?

It’s human nature to want to control most things in our life. However, just because someone has control of their data doesn’t make it safe. There are too many human-error issues going against those who want total control and insist on keeping all of their data stored locally.

I Have No Part in Protecting My Data in the Cloud, Right?

Wrong. While there are a number of cloud communications security solutions offered by the provider, there is still some housekeeping that needs to be addressed by the company.

For example, improving password policies is one thing that is often neglected, leading to security risks. Having a solid backup plan in place, being cognizant of the current threats, and being mindful of encryption solutions that can protect data going to and from the cloud is critical.

At Access One, our customized business technology solutions and unmatched personalized care for voice, data, and managed IT solutions keep our clients coming back to us, placing their trust in a cloud-based service. Contact us and find out how we can deliver stellar cloud communication security.