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Statistics are often boring, but here are a couple that may interest you. They come from research conducted by Cyber Security Ventures.¹

  • Cybercrime damages are predicted to reach $6 trillion globally in 2021.
  • Ransomware attacks are forecast to happen every 11 seconds in 2021, a significant increase from every 40 seconds in 2016.

Those are just two of the cybercrime statistics that are alarming leaders in businesses of every size and in every industry. If you haven’t conducted a Cyber Security Risk Assessment this year, you could end up a statistic yourself.

What is a Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

You can get a free cyber security risk assessment from Access One. We use powerful software tools to analyze your devices, servers, networks, and Microsoft 365 installation. An assessment will identify where you are most vulnerable to cyberattacks and what you can do to address those issues.

What Does a Cyber Security Risk Assessment Offer?

The assessment provides information in four areas:

1.  Network Risk Report

Networks are usually the first place that cybercriminals look to when they’re selecting a cybercrime target. This report includes an overall risk score to help you understand your level of vulnerability. After completing server domain scans, we’ll identify where your network has vulnerabilities. Making sure that the endpoints into your network are secure is the first line of defense against cybercrime. Charts are produced to illustrate the problem areas.

2. Network Management Plan

Based on the Network Risk Report, you’ll get a prioritized listing showing where you are vulnerable. It identifies specific computers, users, or sub-systems that need improved security. The report also recommends the actions you can take to remedy those problems.

3. External Vulnerability Scan Report

This report is based on an external scan of 65,535 ports. It will identify a list of the ports that are open to the public internet and the firewall security warnings that will help you improve your network security. In addition, this report is often critical when you complete standard security compliance reports.

4. Microsoft Cloud Assessment

Operating in the cloud generates an entirely new set of cyber security concerns. Your cloud host is responsible for protecting your data from attacks on their hardware, but you must make sure your operations aren’t creating vulnerabilities that would allow a hacker to access the cloud through your systems.

This report identifies specific risks your cloud applications may present. Vulnerabilities can result from misconfigurations or from activating or deactivating components in Azure AD and the key Microsoft 365 services. Using this report, you’ll be able to see the issues you’re facing and review a remediation plan.

Next Steps

Completing a cyber security risk assessment if the first step toward smarter and more strategic IT planning. You’ll receive a customized report that shows you all of the risks associated with your network. You’ll have the information you need to prevent cybercriminals from attacking your network, and to prevent your business from becoming another cyber security statistic.

Learn More: Get a risk assessment from Access One.

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¹Cybercrime Magazine by Cyber Security Ventures, “Special Report: Cyberwarfare In The C-Suite” November 13, 2020.