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On-premise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provided important advantages to enterprises such as the ability to make international phone calls without steep fees, and an opportunity to scale the number of users up and down as necessary. As the cloud has become a more common destination for workloads, it is also an attractive environment for communications, and specifically Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

A hosted solution offering UCaaS or VoIP eliminates the expense of hardware during installation, as well as the ongoing maintenance and update costs that come with an on-premise private branch exchange (PBX). Here are a few ways that the cloud is making UCaaS the ideal choice for many enterprises:

Advanced features: UCaaS provides not only call forwarding, call routing and voicemail, but also advanced features like video conferencing, shared workspaces and voicemail transcribed to email, and it’s all with significant cost savings. These tools allow enterprises to embrace smarter workflows, improve communications both within the company and with customers, and achieve better productivity.

Freedom to choose: One of the key ways the cloud equips enterprises for UCaaS is simply by offering an alternative to big telecommunications companies. Instead of long-term commitments at high prices, UCaaS offers flexibility and short-term contracts that eliminate the concern of provider lock-in.

Predictable billing: With UCaaS, enterprises enjoy a single rate for local, long-distance and international calls and they can access them for a consistently low monthly rate. While you should take care to determine your own UCaaS costs compared to your landline, companies tend to save up to 70% off their traditional phone systems.

Savings on maintenance and updates: Cloud makes the entire suite of as-a-service offerings possible, which turn all maintenance, troubleshooting and updates over to the service provider. There’s no investment in hardware and no equipment to maintain.

Equipping mobility: The cloud has also enabled enterprises to expand their support of a mobile workforce, with employees only needing a valid log-in and internet connectivity to access communications systems. In the past, remote employees had to have a virtual private network (VPN) to have communications access, or they had to have a landline installed at their home. The cloud has removed those barriers to make mobility expansion possible.

Hosted VoIP and UCaaS are two of the more disruptive technology developments to emerge from the cloud, and the variety of benefits they offer are causing every enterprise making a phone upgrade to consider a major shift in communications solutions.

Access One specializes in assisting nationwide businesses in seamlessly shifting communications to the cloud. Contact us to learn more about leveraging a UCaaS solution for your enterprise.