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IT resiliency is the ability to maintain normal operations while adapting to changes. It also accounts for the threats that seem bound to disrupt your services. Carrying on with business as usual is also important during disruptions that are planned, such as installing updates. 

Security threats are probably the number one issue facing IT professionals. In fact, companies will spend an average of 10% of their IT budgets on making sure their security strategies are at an optimal level. However, some organizations try so hard to keep threats from getting through that their resiliency measures are at risk.

The best strategies for remaining IT resilient involve ensuring that if you have a mobility factor in your workload, it remains uninterrupted. It is also critical that your new technologies can be leveraged without hiccups. 

While it’s true that protecting sensitive data is vital, it can’t come at the expense of reduced resiliency. Restorative strategies often act as the backup plan during an event. This gives you the agility you need to gain access to data that has been compromised and get back to normal. 

Cybercriminals, as we know from all the headlines, are an industrious group, and they’re constantly finding new ways to hack into systems and put your data at risk. Trying to keep up with them is a full-time job for IT professionals. While remaining proactive is the best approach, we know that part of the strategy must include a disaster recovery scenario, because in the end, part of IT resiliency includes regaining access to your data.

With assistance from the right third party, you can gain more IT resiliency by improving your strategy. Turning to a third party is something more organizations are considering as they outsource specific tasks to those that are doing it full-time at a professional level. Those vendors are better able to identify threats in the systems that have been dormant for quite some time.

At Access One, we offer data network services that include multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), which increases resiliency. It also delivers unparalleled performance. Our clients find that our MPLS services provide them with an excellent method of routing communication packets while ensuring reliable data transfers. Contact us today and learn more about how we approach IT resiliency strategies.