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2020 is coming up fast. If your small or mid-sized business (SMB) is like most others, you have a lot of decisions to make in the context of the current technology landscape.

How do you prioritize your technologies? How do you make room in your budget? And how do you actually implement the technologies you decide you need?

These are all questions a vCIO or vCISO can help answer – and then some. But, you don’t have to be a large enterprise to use a virtual technology executive. No matter the size of your business, leveraging a vCIO or vCISO gives you advantages that will help you grow in 2020 and beyond.

Technology Is a Full-Time Job (But You Don’t Have the Full-Time Staff)

Most business owners and IT administrators have too much on their plates to keep up with the changing pace of technology on their own. Even though they need the help, SMBs often operate without a full-time technology executive on staff for a number of reasons: 

  • The high cost of paying a full-time executive
  • An uneven need for expertise — heavy need when making technology decisions or budgeting, but little or no need for months afterward
  • The company is between CIOs and hasn’t found a permanent replacement
  • The current CIO/CISO is temporarily unavailable (on medical leave or sabbatical)

The Benefits of a vCIO/vCISO

A vCIO/vCISO is an excellent alternative when a full-time CIO or CISO isn’t an option for whatever the reason. For SMBs especially, leveraging a virtual technology executive offers many benefits: 

  • Cost management — The predictable monthly cost of a vCIO/vCISO ensures your organization doesn’t overspend on executive assistance. You get the expertise and knowledge of a CIO or CISO without the pricetag of a full-time executive.
  • Improved productivity — vCIO/vCISO services are available on demand to help make critical decisions or deploy new technology. As you plan for 2020 for instance, your virtual executive’s services can kick into high gear and can then scale back as needed.
  • Strategic analysis — Your vCIO/vCISO will learn your business like it’s their own. They’ll be able to analyze reports and make recommendations on the services and solutions that will facilitate your growth. 
  • Enhanced security — A virtual technology executive can help identify and deploy key security solutions such as cloud-based backups, next-gen firewalls, and monitoring tools.

Ready to Deploy a vCIO/vCISO?

If you need critical technology guidance as you move into 2020, a vCIO/vCISO is the answer. At Access One, we offer vCIO and vCISO services that give you access to knowledgeable professionals with a vested interest in your operations, IT environment, and overall success. Don’t let the lack of a full-time technology executive interrupt your progress. Get in touch with us today and keep growing in 2020.