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According to a recent Focus Services report, 70% of IT workers like what they do. However, turnover rates among these workers are high. What leads to IT workers leaving organizations in quick succession?

Turnover is an issue in just about any position, but if you’ve noticed anything about your IT staff, it’s that meeting their expectations can be tough. For example, younger Millennial workers are difficult to keep if you’re not continually offering them chances to learn new skills. This is not the case with people who fit in the Generation X age group – they’re likely to stick with what they know and be okay with that. 

The Gen Xers, however, are not going to be loyal to a company that doesn’t give them the opportunity to enjoy a work/life balance. When they leave a job, the biggest reason is that they don’t feel they are finding that balance, and they’re going elsewhere. They’re looking for more flexible work hours, perhaps some work from home opportunities, and other benefits that can give them peace of mind while also getting the job done.

Baby Boomers, while experiencing a mass exodus from their careers and going into retirement, are the ones who are probably the least motivated. If they’re leaving their jobs, it’s likely in order to find a position that is different from what they’ve been doing for years. Employers that don’t communicate with Baby Boomers and keep them motivated will lose them and all the experience they’ve amassed over a long career.

One thing all generations of IT workers can agree upon is that they want their company to see IT as a priority. If their company isn’t fully invested in their specific duties, IT workers will be unhappy working within that organization and seek to find employment elsewhere. Right or wrong, it’s what’s happening to many businesses across all industries with IT employees today.

Rather than expend a great amount of effort on IT employee issues, some companies are outsourcing their IT tasks, and it’s giving them an edge. This is allowing companies the opportunity to increase their focus on core business functions and have a better chance at gaining on their growth goals. 

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