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Cyber threats in 2021 are relentless – there’s a hacking attempt made every 39 seconds1 somewhere on the internet. With hackers constantly trying to disrupt systems, it’s crucial for organizations to be prepared and invest in tools that help them protect their customers and high-value assets.

What Is Real-Time Threat Detection?

Real-time threat detection is a continuous monitoring of all company network activity and system endpoints that will alert you of potential cyber attacks. This cyber security measure is a prevention tool that helps an organization prevent, realize, and respond to cyber threats in a timely manner. Real-time threat detection offers many benefits, including 24/7 knowledge of network activity and finding and responding to security vulnerabilities quickly. 

How Does Real-Time Threat Detection Improve Security?

Cyber threats are constant, which means an organization’s cyber security should be working 24/7, not 9-5. Real-time threat detection helps organizations be ‘always on’ when it comes to cyber security monitoring without having to staff personnel through the night. Since real-time threat detection tools are always monitoring your networks, you can test for vulnerabilities, be alerted to exploits, and decide how to respond to the threat. This makes your security program both proactive and reactive.

How Does Real-Time Threat Detection Work?

Real-time threat detection solutions can help you map out and respond to cyber threats in your infrastructure – both known and unknown. This technology looks at behaviors taken inside your networks and compares what actions the typical user takes and what actions a malicious hacker takes or would take. Real-time threat detection tools create threat intelligence through scanning large data sets of network activity and comparing them to find abnormal activity and potential cyber threats. They can also take signature data from a previous breach and compare it to what’s happening in real time.

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How to Make the Most of Real-Time Threat Detection

These threat detection tools are all about combing through large amounts of data and analyzing them to make a threat intelligence model, and many of them rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to do so. Pairing AI technology with human contextual analysis will give you the best possible solution. Using solely AI to run your cyber security monitoring and response efforts is not enough because machines can’t think creatively or make the connections that humans can. We recommend running 24/7 monitoring and analysis by an AI-powered threat detection tool, and we also recommend adding human intelligence and analysis to verify the technology is working properly and make any needed response plans.

Are You Implementing Real-Time Threat Detection for Your Business?

Technology and business environments are changing constantly, which requires careful planning to keep your business safe from cyber threats. Access One can provide you with simple, no-nonsense solutions to future-proof your business. We will give you everything you need to succeed in a changing environment, and you can continue to focus on business growth. Contact us for more information.

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