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Although it seems counterintuitive, businesses looking to reduce IT costs must often start that saving process by making an investment in a new product or service. One such strategy involves utilizing managed IT services. According to a study by IDC, businesses that invested in managed IT services saw a 224% ROI over three years – a figure that is hard to ignore.

If you’re looking to reduce IT costs, you need to examine your managed IT options. The specific services you choose will depend on your needs. There are a number of different offerings to consider, and investing in any of these will help you meet your savings goals:

Cloud Managed Services

This is a broad category of managed IT services – encompassing everything from Infrastructure as a Service through full-blown colocation solutions. Cloud managed services give you flexibility and scalability, and they have the added benefit of freeing you from purchasing expensive hardware and infrastructure up front. 

Depending on the cloud solution you choose, you may also be able to reduce the size of your data center (or eliminate it completely) – resulting in immense cost savings. 

Managed IT Security 

Managed IT security services are seamless, customized security solutions backed by expert support so that you safeguard your systems in real time. 

Managed security solves two different problems for most businesses: you can now fill in any security expertise gaps left by internal staff, and you significantly reduce the cost of developing in-house programs and using employees to monitor for threats. 

Virtual CIO

A virtual CIO is the best solution for businesses that need the guidance and support of a full-time IT executive but don’t have the budget to hire one in-house. 

Outsourcing an experienced technology expert to get to know your business needs and environment not only saves you the high cost of a salaried position but also frees your existing executives and IT staff to focus on growing your business. 

While there are different approaches you can take to reduce IT costs, investing in managed IT services is a proven route that has already created savings for businesses just like yours. Access One offers world-class managed IT services that take the burden of IT management off your shoulders and help you save money in the process. Our experienced IT team provides the technology service and support you need to create real savings. Contact Access One today and start reducing IT costs now.