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Cyber security measures aren’t enough to protect corporate networks in today’s high-tech world. Physical security is just as vital for protecting digital assets, which is why more organizations are turning to hybrid cloud security solutions that provide real-time alerts, actionable insights, and more to safeguard against cyber attacks.

88% of business leaders reported seeing an increase in physical threat activities in 2022.1 Unmanaged physical security threats impact your IT team’s ability to identify and combat cyber security threats. They may also put your employees – and your company’s reputation – at risk. In this blog, we’ll discuss how the right cloud-based physical security solutions can help you overcome major enterprise security challenges.

How Does Physical Security Impact Cyber Security?

There are many ways cyber criminals can take advantage of physical security vulnerabilities to damage your network, including:

  • Hack into unprotected network equipment to deploy malware or mount even more destructive attacks, such as ransomware.
  • Incapacitate surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security components to keep your security teams in the dark.
  • Plug into unguarded on-site IP connections, like a WiFi network or internet of things (IoT) device, to steal confidential information.

What Challenges Are Created by Poor Physical Security?

Physical security vulnerabilities can lead to significant financial consequences if a data breach occurs. And considering the cost of a U.S. data breach has reached $9.44 million on average,2 protecting data should be one of your top priorities. However, money isn’t the only thing at risk if your business lacks comprehensive physical security solutions. Other problems include:

Equipment Damage

Hackers can wreak havoc or put a stop to your business operations altogether by adjusting your HVAC settings to temperatures that render your servers inoperable. Aside from being an expensive fix, this can also cost your business in wasted productivity if you don’t have adequate business continuity measures in place.

Workplace Violence

If you didn’t build your physical security systems with cyber security protection in mind, they could put your employees in harm’s way. Cyber attacks targeting your building’s security systems can mask workplace violence or other attacks against employees, making it difficult for your security teams to respond in a timely manner.

Loss of Customer Trust

A 2019 survey found that 81% of consumers would stop engaging with a company following a data breach.3 Since cyber criminals can take advantage of physical devices connected to your network – which can include employee laptops, surveillance cameras, cell phones, and more – to launch malware attacks and steal sensitive data, ensuring each network-enabled device is protected is critical.

Which Physical Security Solutions Can Enhance Your Cyber Security?

One of the best ways to safeguard your network against security threats is to ensure your cyber security and physical security solutions are working together. Intelligent security systems include components that increase overall enterprise security, such as:

  • Video – Gain real-time insights, accelerate incident response times, and find footage instantly with hybrid cloud cameras. 
  • Access Control – Manage doors and credentials across every location with cloud-based access control and directory integrations.
  • Sensors – Monitor the health and safety of all environments company-wide through onboard sensor readings.
  • Alarms – Catch and respond to break-ins faster with intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring managed in the cloud.
  • Integrations – Create personalized visitor experiences or customize systems to meet your needs with camera and access control integrations.

Secure Your Space With Access One’s Physical Security Solutions

Strong physical security solutions are a must for protecting your organization’s people, places, and privacy. Access One can help you strengthen your security with a fully integrated hardware and software solution. These solutions provide proactive alerts and actionable insights into the health and safety of your environments so you never miss a beat.

In addition to our industry-leading cyber security services, we’ve partnered with Verkada. They are an award-winning company that provides cloud-based, enterprise security tools – to bring our customers the best in physical security. Our comprehensive offering includes hybrid cloud solutions such as video, access control, sensors, alarms, and seamless integrations, so you can have peace of mind knowing your business is always protected. 

Trust Access One to deliver:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring for real-time security insights and cloud-based management to give you a complete picture across all sites.
  • Secure, easy access to your management platform from any browser or device via our top-rated mobile app.
  • Automatic security updates and end-to-end encryption to ensure your teams are protected against known and emerging threats.

Is your business prepared to combat evolving security threats? Download our free guide to find out if your security is as effective as possible, or contact Access One today to request a NIST risk assessment. We’ll help you identify and fix any vulnerabilities in your security strategies to ensure your network is safe – no matter what.