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Data breaches cost companies a lot of money. Yet it’s not all about the money — data breaches also impact the reputation of a company, particularly if the clients who trust their information is safe with the company find out it’s actually been stolen. Cybersecurity concerns are more prominent now than ever before. What is your organization doing to stay safe?

Among the most exploited means for gaining access to data are users’ passwords — they’re simply not strong enough. What’s scary is that even when companies require their employees to practice strict password “hygiene,” data is still being stolen. For this reason, bringing in a multi-factor authentication method is a requirement if you don’t want cybersecurity concerns to get out of hand.

Multi-factor authentication is a security system that requires more than just a password to get into an account. In some cases, a user will enter their password and then have a randomly generated code sent to a mobile phone or through email, which can then be entered to allow access.

Another cybersecurity concern is in regard to departing employees. They don’t always leave happy, and sometimes aren’t departing on their terms. This is a risk to the company’s data, which means having the ability to revoke privileges is a must. Security staff needs to be able to work from a centrally managed console from which they can monitor access, manage devices, and revoke privileges when required.

Speaking of security staff, who in your organization is in charge of preventing data breaches? The answer should be, “everyone.” For those who say it’s their IT department’s job to account for all cybersecurity concerns, headlines about a breach are probably in the near future.

Everyone in the company needs to be aware of the threats that are out there today, including the latest malware that is wreaking havoc on too many organizations. Perhaps more important is knowing the various ways in which systems are breached by malware. One of the most pervasive today are phishing scams that include a seemingly harmless link in an email that an unsuspecting user clicks upon. Make sure your employees know never to click on an attachment from an unknown source. 

At Access One, we can be part of your strategy for addressing cybersecurity concerns. Our data network services include multi-protocol label switching, offering seamless data connectivity with secure connections to multiple sites. This increases resiliency while delivering unparalleled performance. Contact us today to learn how we can be an asset to your organization.