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As technology continues to get smarter and smarter, phishing attacks have continued to get more and more advanced. Business owners of all kinds should be aware of the kind of dupes that spur these attacks, but especially those small enough to have an IT department that is either lacking in terms of manpower or entirely nonexistent.

Whether it’s a sketchy email or a text message you shouldn’t have opened, you’re now at risk of malware, other ransomware attacks and the potential exposure of all kinds of sensitive information.

Effects of Phishing 

Phishing attacks can have massive consequences. If your business is hit with one, some potential losses could include financial insecurity, regulatory penalties and fines, loss of customer trust, and more.

And, unfortunately, attackers have lots of strategies for going after businesses both large and small. Some of the most common avenues are through communication touchpoints associated with your business, email being an especially popular one. These phishing emails contain a link that leads to some sort of prompt for sensitive information, either financial, personal or both. These emails act as a carrier for the malware virus that the attackers are using to compromise your network. Once the malware is successfully integrated, it has total access to your company’s data.

Preventing Phishing Attacks 

Here are some of our tips for avoiding and combating phishing attacks:

  • Don’t click on unknown links – especially if they’ve been modified in software to hide preview text
  • Don’t offer sensitive information of any kind on sites that aren’t authorized by your company
  • Don’t ignore software updates, they keep your system running correctly and keep security settings in check
  • Have a security system in place to keep your data safe from attack
  • Don’t click into pop ups, suspect banner ads, etc.

Taking the above steps is a great start to preventing phishing attacks on your business, but partnering with Access One will provide you with the additional support you need to ensure top-notch security for your most important digital assets.

Having a strong, future-proof business is essential to growth and success in our changing environment. Contact us today to learn more about how you can invest in effective cybersecurity measures for your business.