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Cloud technology has been around for years with adoption rates on the rise as the business technology climate shifts. An increasing number of businesses are turning to cloud communications – specifically unified communications as a service (UCaaS). Synergy Research Group reported an annualized growth rate in the UCaaS market of 29%.

If you’re still communicating via a legacy phone system, you should be wondering when, not if, you’re going to move on from it and transition to cloud-based UCaaS. A study by Mitel indicates that 81% of businesses that move to cloud do so in order to access innovative functions (which most legacy systems lack). Here are four reasons it’s time to join the ranks of your competitors, say goodbye to your legacy system, and move on to UCaaS:

#1: It’s time to mobilize your workforce.

Even if your employees are able to use their mobile devices to work from outside the office, they don’t necessarily have access to the full functionality of your on-site system.

UCaaS allows your remote workers to leverage the same conferencing and collaboration features their counterparts in the office can use – giving your business broader reach and increasing remote employee satisfaction.

#2: You need to integrate your phone system with your operating system.

Customers expect a better experience than what can be provided through a legacy phone system. UCaaS allows integration so that a customer service representative can provide service through phone, email, or live chat.

For example, the rep can access a pop-up window detailing all previous interactions across all those communication methods so he/she can provide more efficient and effective service.

#3: Get rid of costly hardware that constantly needs updating.

A legacy phone system means legacy hardware, which doesn’t last forever.

Don’t allow yourself to get to the point where you have multiple broken handsets and have to decide if you need to pay to fix or replace them. With UCaaS, your provider handles issues not only related to your service, but to any physical equipment included in your phone system as well.

#4: Start saving significantly on costs.

The costs of a traditional PBX system go beyond physical hardware. In addition to the up-front investment you need to make in infrastructure, invoices for your legacy system can be unpredictable and highly variable based on usage.

When you migrate to a cloud-based UCaaS system, you get a predictable monthly bill that helps you plan your budget better and save money.

When you’re ready to unload your outdated legacy phone system, Access One is here to help you transition to the UCaaS system your business needs. Our UCaaS solution is affordable and state-of-the-art, and it comes with unparalleled customer service. Contact Access One today and start communicating better than ever before.