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Few will say cyber security is an easy topic. And it only gets more complicated when unreal expectations about security are set in stone. Threat prediction is an area that can fall into this category, and it’s often oversimplified and underutilized. 

Part of any good cyber security plan is knowing what’s out there, what’s causing havoc among so many organizations, and how to fight it. However, the threat-prediction conversation is improved when sensationalistic language is avoided. Instead, utilizing automated detection and strong strategies leads to better protection.

Knowing Where Risk Lies

It is key for an organization to have full visibility into their system, and doing that often takes an audit. Critical vulnerabilities will be revealed through this process. Asset configuration can then be considered. This allows for better decision-making, which is ultimately what stronger cyber security planning is all about.

Having more visibility provides the context to ask questions, find answers, and make the right decisions. Not only are decisions being made, there is also more confidence behind the decisions.

Protect Against Threats

Ransomware is a type of malware that nobody wants to invade their system. Unless the ransom is paid, the data is not given back — ever. However, by maintaining a strict data backup routine, the demands of the attacker can be bypassed, and the open door they entered to encrypt your data can be secured and business can continue.

Adware, scareware, spyware, Trojan horses — any type of malware imaginable is constantly bombarding organizations, looking for vulnerability. That vulnerability is often a human who clicks on an infected link, allowing the malware to invade the system. Education is the best protection.

Phishing scams have become fairly effective. They often occur in emails that look completely legitimate. They essentially mirror the image of a real company and entice the user to click on something that seems OK. There is often a theme in these that reveal their truth — they offer gifts or a solution to gaining access to a lost account. Again, education is important. Having employees updated on the different methods of attack can lead to better cyber security practices.

At Access One, cyber security is on our minds as much as our clients’, which is why our solutions include world class IT security services. We also offer tips concerning how clients can be more secure in their workplace by building what equates to a “human firewall.” Contact us today, and we’ll get you started on a better path toward cyber security.