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What is your first impression when you call a company and get a voicemail message? Especially if the company you’re phoning is a larger firm, not being able to talk to a real person can give you an uneasy feeling and make you think twice about buying. Growing companies often struggle with this issue. Who’s answering the phones when everyone is in meetings or working with existing clients? You need a solution that will help you continue to grow but ensure that potential customers get a professional impression of doing business with you.

An enterprise-grade VoIP phone system can help your growing business convert more calls into sales. Hosted in the cloud, an Access One PBX system gives you several advantages.  You won’t need to invest in on-site equipment, and you’ll be able to upgrade quickly as you grow. Most importantly, you can present yourself professionally to customers through useful calling features that help you stay on top of your leads.

Drive More Sales

Customers today expect a certain level of professionalism and efficiency. They don’t want to encounter noise on the line or deal with your salespeople having a hard time answering or transferring calls. A smooth, clear, enterprise-level phone system with a high level of voice quality is a must to earn business from these buyers. Advanced phone system features help you track and manage calls from your customers. For example, you can seamlessly jump a call from your desktop phone to mobile (or vice versa) so you can keep talking to an important caller no matter where you are. Switching to Access One’s Hosted PBX system doesn’t require that you get new phone numbers, so your customers and potential customers won’t get confused by trying to use an outdated number. You can migrate easily and keep the numbers you already have.

Streamline Management

It’s what the customers don’t see that can often make their experience smooth. By being able to configure your new hosted phone system to match your unique business processes, you’ll be able to track calls and even have callers sent to you wherever you are with a find me/follow me option. Administrators at your company can track all incoming calls and manage your business’s use of services more easily than with a traditional phone system. You can even manage individual line settings to ensure every salesperson has what they need to match their work style.

Cut Your Costs

At the end of the day, you want an enterprise-level system, but you don’t have an enterprise-level budget. Not only is Hosted PBX a less expensive solution than a traditional system, but it allows you to save money in other ways. For example, your salespeople can use their smartphones to call over the company network when it’s most convenient, but you won’t have to pay for personal minutes on each mobile account. And by directing calls through the cloud, you’ll get unlimited calling at no extra cost anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Big Business Calling Features

No matter what size your current business is, you can utilize features that are more typical of a large company. This sends a subtle message to callers that you are professional and worth doing business with. These features enable you to:

  • Customize an automated attendant to answer and route calls.
  • Record and replay calls as needed — your salespeople won’t miss important details and can revisit conversations as needed.
  • Let your employees work wherever they are with mobility options.
  • Give your staff the option of taking calls via your company number on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Convert voicemail messages to email for faster response times.
  • Set up professional conference calls with up to 20 people that make collaboration easier and reduce travel costs.

Interested in making more sales? You can improve potential buyers’ impressions of your company, work faster and more smoothly with customers, and communicate from anywhere with Access One’s Hosted PBX system. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your growing business.