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As traditional landline contracts expire, enterprises are increasingly looking at Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) when determining a path for their communications upgrade. The list of UCaaS benefits is extensive, and while some are what you would expect with an as-a-service cloud solution, others may be less obvious but more valuable in the long run.

Core UCaaS benefits:

Streamlining business processes: In UCaaS, all communication formats are united under one application, so every employee can access the tools they want under a single umbrella of features. A bundling of communications services combined with working with the right vendor allows enterprises to build economies of scale.

Supporting mobility: As the workforce becomes more mobile, remote and field employees need to be able to access communications tools from anywhere. With UCaaS, all that’s required is an internet connection and a valid login.

Business continuity: With UCaaS, there’s little to no downtime, ever. If a particular tool is unavailable, another one is ready to back it up. It is important to choose a provider that offers optimized redundancy and the data center features you need for reliable communications access.

Collaborative tools: One of the key features of UCaaS is its ability to connect virtual teams that are geographically disparate. Through shared workspaces and video conferencing, teams are able to make decisions more quickly, respond to customers, and problem-solve in a collaborative environment.

IT relief: UCaaS shifts all hardware purchasing and maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates to the provider, allowing you to lighten the load on your IT professionals. They can spend more time on fulfilling digital transformation strategy goals instead of working to keep the lights on.

Surprising UCaaS benefits:

Support your brand: UCaaS gives your enterprise a professional face, with consistent communication formats that support your brand. For instance, when a customer has a recurring problem on their invoice, your customer service reps will have access to their prior attempts to get it resolved, even if it was through a different communication format.

Improved security: One of the less-obvious UCaaS benefits is the possibility for better security. If you bundle your services under one provider, it helps you ensure that security policies align with those of your enterprise and if there is a suspected threat, there’s only one number to call to isolate and resolve the problem.

A satisfied finance department: There are a number of ways that UCaaS saves communications costs, through a lower monthly invoice and reduced maintenance. One that may be particularly appealing to your finance team is the switch from a big capital investment that usually comes with a technology upgrade to a monthly subscription that can be categorized as an operating expense.

Access One specializes in working with businesses in the Chicago area and beyond, as they transition from legacy systems to cloud solutions. If you’d like to know more about how UCaaS benefits might offer advantages to your enterprise, contact us today.