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If you’ve been suddenly thrust into a world of managing a remote workforce, you’re not alone. Even during an emergency situation, your business continues on – and requires an unprecedented level of flexibility to stay up and running. 

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions are readily available and will give you the collaboration and communication capabilities your business needs to weather any storm – whether at a global level or during other types of disasters. Here’s how UCaaS keeps your business up and running, no matter what:

Robust Collaboration Features

UCaaS features, like audio/video and web conferencing, will help maintain “business as usual” in times when in-person interaction is not possible. Auto attendant makes it possible for your entire organization to take, and then intelligently route, calls to employees’ devices – even if they’re not at a physical office. UCaaS provides these and a slew of other features that enable your business to stay productive.

Easy Integration

UCaaS integrates with your company’s existing software and applications. If you’re just now implementing a UCaaS solution, the transition will be seamless so that your remote workers can still access the platforms they’re used to – from wherever they are.

Flexibility and Scalability

With UCaaS, you’ll be able to add users or capacity quickly. In times where you require a sudden uptick in the number of employees working remotely, UCaaS will scale with the needs of your business – and can scale back down when remote activity decreases.

Productivity on Any Device

Users can access all the collaboration features they need from anywhere, on any device. Continue internal meetings virtually, and provide service to your customers from desktops, laptops, tablets, or any mobile device.

Minimal IT Support Required

With UCaaS, you get expert support and assistance directly from your provider. Your employees will be able to manage their collaboration tools and troubleshoot without requiring interaction with an on-site IT team.

In a time when your business needs to stay connected and running the most, UCaaS gives you the collaboration tools and ease-of-use that will keep your employees productive. Access One provides a suite of digital resources, how-to guides, tutorials, and shortcuts to help your employees take full advantage of the features UCaaS offers. If you need the benefits of UCaaS now, contact Access One today.