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With businesses learning to tackle the challenges of managing remote or hybrid working environments, keeping your organization secure is a different task than it was before. The sudden shift to working from home probably had you playing catch-up at the start of the pandemic – and there’s still a good amount of uncertainty about how to keep your workers productive and secure for the long term.

This is where managed IT security services come in. Your internal IT staff – if you have one – is wearing a lot of hats to keep your employees’ technology running smoothly, and they only have so many hours in the day to ensure your network, systems, and vulnerable endpoints are secure. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of managed security, here’s what you need to know:

Managed IT Security Services Bridge the Gap.

Whether you have no internal IT staff or an existing IT team that is overwhelmed by the difficulties of a remote or hybrid work environment, a managed security provider will bridge the gap. When you leverage managed IT security services, you get the assurance that your network and data are being monitored around the clock by experts – something that’s not often possible, or is simply too expensive to achieve, with a limited IT staff.

Gaps in time and expertise are closed by a managed security provider as well. Your IT team’s primary focus may be on ensuring efficient, clear communications among your employees and with customers. A managed security provider will take the reins on cyber-attack prevention and ensure no internal risks are overlooked.

Your Employees Benefit From Managed IT Security.

Human error is a common, though often preventable, cause of data breaches. In a remote or hybrid work environment, your employees could be connecting to your network insecurely without even realizing their error. BYOD policies introduce a number of new vulnerabilities when employees are working from home.

A managed IT security provider can engage your staff in proper security awareness training. This ensures workers are aware of everything from phishing scams to good password hygiene and any best remote security practices they should know to help keep your organization secure.

Get Started With Managed IT Security

Staying ahead of today’s advanced cyber threats requires expertise and time – which may be in short supply as you manage remote or hybrid working environments. Access One managed IT security services will help you combat ever-evolving security threats, no matter where your workers are. When you’re ready to get started with managed security services, take the easy first step of scheduling a free network assessment with Access One. We’ll show you where your vulnerabilities are and get you started on the path to more effective security.