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The modern workforce looks dramatically different from what it was even a year ago. Workers are in remote or hybrid arrangements, and businesses are relying on cloud technologies more heavily than ever before. All of these changes require deep expertise and the ability to manage a complex IT environment – skills many internal IT departments lack.

This is where the services of a virtual CIO (vCIO) come in. 

What Does a vCIO Do?

A vCIO is an outsourced technology executive that fills the role of a CIO – without having to pay a full-time CIO’s salary and benefits. vCIOs can focus on the areas where your business struggles the most, including: 

  • IT Security

Security is a major challenge for businesses with any number of remote employees. A vCIO can identify and respond to potential threats to stop breaches or security issues before they occur. Your business can also use the vCIO’s expertise to develop a long-term security strategy that will keep your network and systems protected, no matter what changes arise. 

  • Technology Management

A vCIO can manage any new technologies you’ve had to implement in order to meet the new demands of the modern workforce. Your outsourced executive will take a proactive approach to prevent downtime and other issues from occurring, so your business can run uninterrupted.

  • Future-Proofing Your Technology

Without a vCIO, you may have put planning your technology roadmap on the backburner. A vCIO can take the lead on developing a technology plan that accounts for any hardware or software approaching end-of-life (EOL), new technologies to build into your budget, and essential security investments that will need to be made in the future.

How a vCIO Benefits Your Business

A vCIO fulfills your business’s needs for technology management, IT security, and long-term technology planning. There are other key benefits to add to the list of why you need a virtual CIO: 

  • Cost Savings

The vCIO eliminates the need to pay for a full-time executive – but there are also other cost-saving benefits. Your overall IT costs will decrease with careful future planning and smarter investments. 

  • Better Alignment of IT With Business Goals

A third party lends perspective that isn’t possible with an internal employee. A vCIO can take an unbiased approach to technology that aligns IT goals with your business’s broader growth objectives.

  • Gain a Strategic Advantage Over Your Competitors

Because vCIOs work with numerous companies, they have broad experience and a global view of what effective IT strategy looks like. Whatever technology issues you’re facing, they’ve likely dealt with before and have an intelligent solution that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

A vCIO can help you save money, stay secure, and achieve better alignment between IT and the rest of your business. Take advantage of a vCIO to help you manage the technology challenges of the modern workforce. Access One offers vCIO services along with a suite of other managed IT services that will keep your business prepared for the future. Contact us today to learn more.