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It’s common among small and midsized businesses to dismiss certain types of services because there’s a perception that they are only for larger enterprises. When it comes to hiring talent, bigger organizations may be quicker to take advantage of outsourcing, but managed services and midsized businesses make perfect partners.

The benefits of managed services aren’t limited to larger enterprises. In fact, it’s often smaller companies that have the greatest need for smaller increments of labor. Here are the benefits of managed services for midsized businesses:

Hire a specialist: When it comes to managing IT, a midsized business may have a specific security monitoring task or a network configuration or troubleshooting position that may not require a full-time hire, but that still needs addressing. With managed services, it’s possible to pay for a specific skill set.

Scale easily: One of the key reasons any organization seeks out managed services is the ability to increase or reduce the number of hours that a particular area requires servicing. In addition, managed service providers handle all levels of IT support, so whether a midsized business needs a few hours of security monitoring each week or wants to turn over IT management entirely, their needs can be addressed.

The potential for integration: In some cases, it makes sense for a managed services provider to place a representative in-house for the client. This provides easy access to talent for the business and allows the representative to act as an extension of the company’s team. Whether there is a need for a contractor, freelance worker, or a permanent or contingent employee, the in-house representative can quickly match the need with the right worker.

The ability to compete: Some midsized businesses find it challenging to compete for talent in the marketplace, often observing that they are losing the best candidates to bigger companies. Accessing talent through managed services allows smaller companies to operate on a competitive scale with bigger organizations.

Companies utilizing managed services have better access to talent, and they are also able to fill talent needs more quickly, improve visibility into IT labor costs, and have better control over costs.

Time for innovation and vision: When IT is able to outsource mundane tasks, it frees them up for a more strategic approach to network management, digital transformation plans, and resource allocation. Once time-consuming tasks have been passed along to managed services, IT is better able to prioritize the types of projects that improve productivity and help achieve business goals.

To find out more about the benefits of managed services for midsized businesses, contact us at Access One. From disaster recovery to Infrastructure as a Service, Access One offers a variety of managed services options.