• Best customer service I've ever had with a utility related issue. Great job.

    - Carrie from Premier Luxury Suites, Chicago

  • We are very satisfied with the services that Access One
    provides. We really appreciate it!

    - Connie from People's Home Equity, Inc.

  • It was a pleasure working with Access One. From start to finish, everyone was very
    helpful. The follow-ups were wonderful.

    - Karen from Filmquest Group

  • The installation was done professionally, even after our working hours. We were able to finish the job for that day with the help of your technician.

    - Krystyna from Testing Service Corporation

  • Always pleased with Access One.

    - Sheryl from Mitsui Hightec

  • Your service is superb.

    - Ariel from Dukane/Precast

  • Very good communication and follow-up - much appreciated!

    - Linda from Colliers International

  • Excellent work. Prompt response.

    - Steve from UtilIT

  • The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.

    - Dearborn Partners

  • Repair tech was very clear as far as resolution and excellent at following up.

    - Greta from Glenview State Bank

  • A's on the report card... Access One is my favorite provider to work with I wish the hosted VoIP was available here in Northern CA.

    - Harold from IT Services

  • The customer service was great.

    - Jonny from Clear Channel

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“The fact that we could save money with VPN was great but what I think truly distinguishes Access One from other providers is that when our company was in a bind, they not only provided solutions for the immediate problems but helped plan for the future. That in my opinion is going above and beyond, and is why Access One has earned my allegiance.”

-Dudley Bayne, Chicago Apartment Finders

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As the model for business infrastructure continues to evolve, the demand for cutting edge private networking technology has never been greater. Access One’s Multiprotocol Label Switching and Virtual Private Network solutions allow for fully meshed, quick, secure connectivity between multiple locations. Customers utilizing our state of the art MPLS and VPN technologies experience fast, reliable data transfers within their private network.

What is MPLS?

Traditional routers deliver packets of information to the correct location by reading and interpreting the packet’s header. MPLS bypasses the need to examine each packet individually by assigning them with labels called Forwarding Equivalence Classes which send the packets directly to their end location.

In simpler terms, imagine you have two stacks of books to alphabetize. The first stack of books is normal, but the books in the second stack have no covers. The first stack will get done pretty quickly, just a glance at the cover and you know where it goes. The second stack, however, takes a little longer to sort, because you have to open up each one to see what the title is. MPLS works in a similar manner; all it takes is a glance at the packet and knows how to route it. With Multiprotocol Label Switching, each label saves a tiny fraction of a second, but added up over hundreds of thousands or millions of packets, you’ll see a very noticeable increase in speed.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network extends your office’s network across the Internet, while still maintaining the same level of security. It means that your office in Chicago can share files with your branch in LA, all without needing to use intermediaries like email or cloud storage.

Our MPLS and IP VPN services provide you with the following benefits:

  • Faster connections throughout your office and across the world
  • Increased security through the use of tunneling protocols and encryption techniques
  • Each location within the private network is customizable and scalable
  • Improved business productivity and increased network performance via prioritized applications
  • Our unparalleled technical support team is available and ready to assist you 24/7

Features and additional options include:

  • Dedicated bandwidth connection
  • Highly scalable service
  • Customized QoS configurations
  • Fully managed router
  • Fully customized solutions to meet your needs
  • The ability to work with the Access One team to choose the service that matches your preferred means of delivery – copper, coax or fiber from 1.5Mb to 1Gb