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  • FCHC needed to continue their outreach; cost-effective and reliable voice and data services were vital to their success.
  • They needed to unravel complicated billing and service contracts and streamline a cluttered phone closet.
  • Communications needed upgrading while still controlling costs.


  • Access One put in the effort to solve FCHC’s challenges.
  • We analyzed their existing services and talked to them about their user experience and plans for the future.
  • We provided a comprehensive solution that solved their problems and gave them the infrastructure to reduce costs and continue their growth.

Don’t Let Complexity Slow You Down

FCHC had issues with bandwidth efficiency, cost management, billing clarity, service contract restraints, service cancellation fees, and more.

Access One was able to unravel their existing infrastructure and provide a solution that upgraded their services, simplified the billing process, made users more productive, and reduced operational expenses.

FCHC now has a reliable account manager to oversee their communications infrastructure and to let them get back to serving their patients.

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Is Your Communications Infrastructure Too Complex to Manage?

We’re experts at finding the right solutions to help you reach your goals. Let us show you how to simplify your communication infrastructure to provide better service at a lower cost.

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