• Best customer service I've ever had with a utility related issue. Great job.

    - Carrie from Premier Luxury Suites, Chicago

  • We are very satisfied with the services that Access One
    provides. We really appreciate it!

    - Connie from People's Home Equity, Inc.

  • It was a pleasure working with Access One. From start to finish, everyone was very
    helpful. The follow-ups were wonderful.

    - Karen from Filmquest Group

  • The installation was done professionally, even after our working hours. We were able to finish the job for that day with the help of your technician.

    - Krystyna from Testing Service Corporation

  • Always pleased with Access One.

    - Sheryl from Mitsui Hightec

  • Your service is superb.

    - Ariel from Dukane/Precast

  • Very good communication and follow-up - much appreciated!

    - Linda from Colliers International

  • Excellent work. Prompt response.

    - Steve from UtilIT

  • The issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.

    - Dearborn Partners

  • Repair tech was very clear as far as resolution and excellent at following up.

    - Greta from Glenview State Bank

  • A's on the report card... Access One is my favorite provider to work with I wish the hosted VoIP was available here in Northern CA.

    - Harold from IT Services

  • The customer service was great.

    - Jonny from Clear Channel

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Data Services

Private Line

"We have T1 Internet and voice with Access One, and both have been very reliable. We rely on our phone and Internet to run our business, and Access One's uptime has been great. We recently renewed our services and were happy that they could continue to offer us competitive pricing and ultimately a great amount of savings."

-Laurel Harrington, Maxi-Signal Products

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Private Data Lines

Dedicated Private Lines, also called Leased Lines, are exactly what they sound like - lines that nobody outside of your business is allowed to use. These are generally used to connect distant offices for increased data transfer speed, and coupled with a VPN they can provide some of the quickest and most secure connections possible across long distances.

Because no other businesses or customers can use your Private Line, you’re guaranteed the greatest security for your sensitive files. Your line is truly private: it’s a direct connection from one point to another, so nobody can listen in on what you’re saying.

We can also guarantee a steady, reliable speed. With a Private Line, you won’t be bogged down by the neighbors’ movie marathons and gaming sessions which cause random latency spikes on a shared line. Our Domestic and Metro lines range from 1.5Mb to 1Gb delivery, and our 24/7 support means we’ll make sure you always get your full speed.

Our Private Line Services provide you with the following benefits and features:

  • Support of multiple applications including voice, data, and video
  • Secure and confidential connection
  • Unparalleled support 24/7
  • Dedicated bandwidth connection
  • Highly scalable capacity

To get started setting up a Private Line for your business, contact us at AccessOneTeam@AccessOneInc.com or call (312) 441-1000