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If you’re a leader in a small business, the odds are you’re not protected against a cyber attack. A recent article on Forbes.com¹ compiled a wide range of cyber security statistics indicating that cyber attacks are increasing and businesses of all sizes are woefully unprepared to fight them off. In fact, nearly 80% of senior IT leaders believe that their organizations aren’t adequately protected, which increases the likelihood of cyber attacks on small businesses.

Many small business leaders don’t believe that their companies are prime targets for cyber criminals. However, CNBC has reported that 43%² of incidents are cyber attacks on small businesses. It’s time for businesses of all sizes to improve their defenses.

Why Cyber Criminals Target Small Businesses

Regardless of size, every business stores sensitive information on their IT systems, which makes them a target for cyber crime. You store sensitive information about your customers and employees as well as proprietary information concerning your business and its finances. Cyber criminals see this type of information as a gold mine they can turn into cash.

In many cases, the most compelling reason why cyber attacks on small businesses are popular is that small businesses are notorious for having inadequate cyber security protections. A cyber criminal may get a larger payday from attacking a large organization, but it takes a lot of time and talent. Some hackers prefer to do several easier attacks to make their living.

Why You’re Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

As a small business leader, you’re vulnerable for several reasons:

Unsecured Devices. Your employees use a variety of devices to access your systems, including in-house computers and cell phones. In the last year, the number of employees working from home has skyrocketed, and that has increased the number of employees who access your systems using their own devices. If you haven’t taken measures to secure all of the devices that access your systems, you’re very vulnerable.

Poor Employee Training. Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone in your organization, but your employees can’t play their role without adequate cyber security employee training.

Apathy. It’s necessary for small business leaders to take an active role in promoting cyber safety. If your organization’s leaders have an “it’ll never happen to us” attitude, you won’t have the protection you need.

Limited Resources. As a small business leader, it’s true that you have limited resources. Your challenge is to utilize your resources wisely to get the best protection you can afford.

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How to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

When you understand that cyber security issues are the biggest threats to your systems, you’re ready to set up effective protections.

  • Review and update your cyber security systems and cyber security preparation.
  • Create effective cyber security training and hold classes and reviews often.
  • Establish a cyber security culture in your organization.

You can start by taking advantage of Access One’s free Cyber Security Risk Assessment. Your free assessment will let you know where you have vulnerabilities in your network and cloud usage. You can then develop a strategic plan that will make the most of your IT resources.

Learn more about the free risk assessment from Access One, visit our contact page to request an assessment using the “Schedule Your Assessment” reason for contact, or call us at 800-804-8333 to talk to one of our cyber experts.