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A business owner’s goal should always be to increase productivity – for you and your employees. Some tasks take longer than others, though introducing VoIP technology can help increase productivity in a variety of different ways. Before long, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

Added Mobility

With VoIP, businesses can increase mobility dramatically. You can have employees continue to work on their everyday workload even when they are on business trips. The entire VoIP network is accessible as long as there is an Internet connection, so employees can stay productive and won’t fall behind while they’re away from work.

Another advantage of VoIP mobility is implementing video conferencing so you can hold meetings with employees who are not in the office or collaborate with employees in other branches. This allows you to connect with everyone and not have to spend money on travel.

Implement Call Management

When phone calls are constantly coming in, it can become extremely stressful and hard to get other work done. While it generally means that business is doing well, it can be difficult for your employees to keep up. Customers who call and leave a voicemail and then don’t get a call back can become frustrated. However, with VoIP, employees can effectively manage all of the incoming calls.

There are many features that can be implemented with VoIP. Auto attendants will ensure that calls are routed to the department or person that should be getting them. Caller ID can allow your employees to screen the calls to determine whether to answer or not. There’s also a Do Not Disturb feature so that calls can be sent directly to voicemail. This feature is especially helpful if there are other pressing matters that need to be focused on first.

On the other hand, a Call Queue can also be used to keep callers on hold. You can customize this to tell callers where they are in the queue and educate them about your business while they wait. Further, you can get all sorts of reports to show you more about your call volume, how long people are usually on hold, and the productivity level of the different people in charge of answering calls. This can tell you a lot about your customer service and help you to determine when it’s time to hire more staff.

Reduce Expenses

Another way businesses can increase productivity is to actually reduce costs. Utilizing VoIP services can be a more affordable option over traditional phone systems. Initial infrastructure costs are generally even less than you might think, and you are also going to eliminate expensive long-distance phone calls that may be eating up a significant amount of your budget. You can then scale the technology to meet your current needs without adding to the infrastructure.

As you continue to reduce expenses here, it can help to increase productivity by freeing up resources to invest in other areas. You may suddenly have the money to invest in better software, hiring additional workers, or even providing a pay raise.

It’s important to explore the various forms of VoIP technology and have it implemented by a company who can offer you the necessary options. A custom solution can be created for you to ensure that your productivity is increased to the fullest. Contact Access One to learn more about our VoIP services.