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Private Branch Exchange (PBX) used to be an expensive and ongoing investment that required continual maintenance and training to keep it running smoothly. But now we can harness the power of the Internet to provide a cloud-based Hosted PBX. In this way, the customer is not responsible for all of the stress that traditional PBX comes with: hardware, software, training, maintenance, and other unforeseeable technical complications.

With a Hosted PBX system, the provider takes care of all the hassles, leaving you to run your business while saving a good amount of money. There is no need to purchase, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a traditionally complex and costly PBX system; your hosted solution is delivered right over your present Internet connection. In addition to everything being managed off site, saving you from IT or installation costs, a Hosted PBX system allows you to manage your own business’s phone systems through a user-friendly control panel. This is why Hosted PBX is seen in use more and more and is a popular solution for the growing small to medium sized business.

How can Hosted PBX help your business?

Using a Hosted PBX system allows all of your employees to stay connected without them needing to save numerous numbers on their phones or in contact phone books – it’s all stored within your CRM! If a cell phone is lost or broken, employees only need to replace it and connect back to the Hosted PBX network; it’s as simple as that. This comes in handy for those employees who frequently travel or work out of office. Along with the mobility it provides, you can find these great features offered through Access One’s Hosted PBX:

  • Get everything you need in one place from Access One: Your phones, all of your calling features; your local, long distance, and international calling as well
  • Web portal enables users to manage calls, faxes, and voicemails; administrators have powerful features to configure business-level features
  • Desktop and mobile client/app enable instant messaging and “presence” capabilities (if they are available or not) with your work group or entire company
  • Outlook integration, click-to-dial, and voicemail-to-email integrate Hosted Voice into how you work every day
  • Call Manager allows users to easily personalize the service to meet their individual needs – features like find-me/follow-me and simultaneous ring (with your mobile device)
  • Auto Attendant is highly flexible and works in tandem with music-on-hold to play music or messages
  • Call logs provide a detailed record of your business’s usage, and you can deploy individual account codes to track at a greater depth
  • Optional features include contact center capabilities, call recording, and audio conferencing

How does Hosted PBX work?

Unlike the old days where telephones were connected to long cables via copper wire, Hosted PBX phone systems use an IP to connect, allowing businesses to place calls over the Internet securely. You won’t see much difference in how you operate your handset, except that Hosted PBX phone systems allow for more flexibility and movability.  This means that no matter where you and your employees are, you can stay in contact and for less money than conventional phone systems.

All of the company’s employees can be under one phone system with the use of Hosted PBX. From distribution locations to offices to home-based employees or traveling staff, they’re all only an extension call away from each other. And if you want to add an extension or fax line, you can connect as many as you wish.

Here are some common questions that potential clients have:

What happens if the Internet connection fails? Besides calls being routed to the Cloud Based voicemail system, the Hosted PBX system is smartly integrated with your smart phones, and any calls that are made to the affected system will be transferred to wireless devices. This way, you never miss an important call.

What is the voice quality, and is it reliable? Of course there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee in telecommunications, but generally speaking, technology today has made VoIP sound and voice quality better than even landline or wireless phones. If you were to experience any voice or sound quality issues, Access One will resolve the matter.

How are lines, extensions, and features added or removed? You can change any aspect of your Hosted PBX system through the Access One portal or by simply calling customer service for any assistance.