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Somewhat recently, if a company needed an IT service they had to perform it themselves, from designing a database to hosting their website. Some businesses still try to do everything themselves. However, the increase in managed IT service providers allows small and medium-sized organizations to outsource many functions. This enables many companies to function well without investing large amounts of capital into buying their own IT infrastructure and hiring the employees required.


IT is Not Your Core Business

Employees need to perform their core tasks and not worry about IT problems. Sometimes IT malfunctions can be a distraction and pull attention away from providing value to clientele. By outsourcing IT functions, you free up internal resources to focus on what you do for your customers. In too many small and medium-sized companies, employees who happen to know more than average about running a network carry out the IT functions. However, they’re also expected to perform their regular jobs, so they must either squeeze IT into inefficient, inadequate spare moments or neglect their real jobs.

You Plan to Grow/Scale into a Large Company

To scale, businesses are going to need a large number of varied technical skills, but not all at once and not on a full-time basis. Small businesses simply can’t afford to hire a new employee every time a new skill is needed. And even if that was possible, managing an IT department can consume too many resources. It requires a whole new set of concepts. How much computing and storage space do you need now? And how much will you need a year from now? Which brand yields the best value? Which Content Management System should you use on your website?

Your In-House IT Team Cannot Keep Up

Your website keeps going down. Marketing wants to roll out that mobile app for customers. Some employees can’t log in. Your network’s overloaded. Despite spending their evenings and weekends at the office, your IT staff cannot keep up. The employees you have working on serving your customers keep running into virtual walls. They believe there are underlying problems but haven’t yet found them, let alone fixed them. Or they want money for more servers and more network capacity, but you’re unsure of the value you’ll receive from such an investment. Contact Access One to learn how your company can save money and focus on your core business by outsourcing your IT.