Private Line

Dedicated Physical Network for the Ultimate in Privacy and Security

Private Lines Defined

Dedicated private lines  are exactly what they sound like — lines that nobody outside your business can access. Private line services are generally used to  create a private network between the sites of a multi-location businesses or connect to a data center.

Because no other businesses or customers can use your private line, you’re guaranteed the greatest security for your sensitive information. Your line is truly private — it’s a direct connection from one point to another, as required to meet some industry compliance standards.

Access One’s Private Data / Voice Lines

We understand that your business’s compliance, security or application needs may require a private communications path. Access One can provide private lines from coast to coast or from one side of the street to the other. Whether you need a private line between locations or between a customer location and data center, we have you covered.

We provide private line service at speeds varying from 1.5Mbps to 10GBps via DSL, TDM. Coax, wireless, Ethernet private line and fiber optic media.

Private Line Benefits

Private line service from Access One offers your business locations faster, more efficient data transmission backed by 24/7 monitoring and support.

  • Enjoy the highest security connection
  • Consolidate voice, video and data into a single network
  • Customize and scale service at each location
  • Make disaster recovery more efficient
  • Prioritize applications to improve performance

Private Line Features

  • Highly scalable capacity
  • Protocol-agnostic
  • Fully managed router
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