The Human Firewall

Turn Employees into Cybersecurity Heroes

The Human Element Is the Weakest Link

When it comes to information security, we tend to think about antivirus programs and security technology. But the weakest link is not software or hardware — it’s the human beings in your organization. Many security threats can be eliminated by training employees to recognize suspicious links and attachments and phishing attempts — by creating a human firewall.

How do you do that? Properly train all your employees — not just your IT administrators — to be the first line of defense against cyberattacks by implementing an effective program of continuing education and cybersecurity training.

How to Build Your Own Human Firewall

Undertaking just a few easy steps builds the human firewall in your organization:

  • Send memos reminding employees not to click on links in unsolicited email messages, not to install software from unknown sources and not to visit potentially dangerous sites
  • Circulate information describing how to create a strong password
  • Require all employees to regularly change their passwords in a significant way, and disallow the reuse of a password within a certain time frame
  • Test employees regularly by requiring the completion of online training modules followed by a quiz that assesses their learning
  • Implement regular cybersecurity training sessions to make employees aware of cyberattacks, including phishing, ransomware, viruses not detected by antivirus software or spam filters, W-2 scams and other risks
  • Check compliance by phishing your employees with fake emails; notify and retrain those who took the "bait"
  • Encourage employees to report all instances of suspicious email or other attempted hacking

Not sure how to get started? Contact the professionals at Access One and let us customize a security awareness training program for your organization.

* SOURCE: Bruce Schneier,

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