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The professionals at Access One are ready to custom-tailor an effective, comprehensive, premise-based or cloud security system for your company. We understand that most small and mid-sized organizations do not have the resources — in the form of time, capital and/or staff — to keep up with the latest threats to their complex networks and infrastructure systems. And yet, those are the types of organizations most likely to be susceptible to a breach.

While the nature of network attacks vary — from email account compromise to zero-day threats, existing vulnerability exploits or evolving threat vectors — the consequences are significant. It can take companies weeks or even months to detect data breaches, to say nothing of remediating the impact, dealing with public fallout and assessing potential compliance concerns. Managed cyber security services offer a way to rapidly reduce risk without over-committing time or resources.


Let us serve as your in-house IT security analyst. Outsourcing to a 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center) such as Access One gives you peace of mind. You enjoy real-time alerting, advanced log correlation, compliance reporting, and incident remediation and management. And rest assured that our IT security services evolve with the latest threats. Not only do we offer the highest levels of protection, but Access One also provides security services on a subscription basis that is more cost-effective than you could undertake on your own, when you consider total cost of ownership.


Security as a service does not require that you purchase additional on-premise equipment. We remotely monitor and manage IT security to protect the valuable data of your business and your customers. We help protect your online assets, networks, email, passwords and more.

Our process includes:

  • Network Analysis — What does your current network architecture look like? Where are your potential weak points? Our network security services start with a comprehensive analysis of your IT landscape.
  • Security Requirements Assessment — Next, we determine which controls best suit your needs, budget and business process.
  • Custom Plan Creation — Access One’s experts create a security plan designed to work with your existing technology framework and exceed your expectations.
  • Integration and Testing — Our A-1 service promise means all plans include thorough integration and testing to ensure they’re working as intended and delivering key results.
  • Regular Maintenance Our security as a service offering also includes regular maintenance and monitoring to align outcomes with expectations and deliver consistent performance.
  • Upgrade Recommendations — As security threats evolve, so do we. As part of our ongoing client commitment, we recommend and implement key infosec upgrades to help combat emerging threats.

Is your organization subject to industry regulations? Compliance challenges? Evolving data use frameworks? Let us know — we can help create a security as a service solution that meets current needs and grows along with your organization.

Our mandate? Clients’ success is our success. Discover the Access One advantage.

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