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What Are Hosted Phone Systems/UCaaS?

Hosted Phone Systems (or “Hosted PBX” or “UCaaS”) are cloud-based business telephone systems that control the flow of calls into and out of an organization. They are hugely scalable and flexible. They are used by companies with two employees, and those with tens of thousands. They can coordinate across multiple locations instantly and effortlessly via the Internet. They integrate with your business software applications and with your cell phone. They are the current standard for business voice communication.

Benefits of UCaaS Service

  • Minimal upfront cost, as UCaaS eliminates the need to invest in hardware; the phones are your only requirement
  • Elimination of ongoing maintenance and tech support costs
  • Integrates with the business software that you use every day
  • Flexibility to add users or capacity quickly
  • Scalable: used by one-person ventures and Fortune 500 organizations
  • Productivity from anywhere on multiple devices — on desktop, laptop or mobile phone
  • Presence capabilities so you know if co-workers are available, in a meeting or offline
  • Latest features and functionality added as they evolve, with no additional cost
  • Minimal IT support required — with HPBX tools, portals and Access One assistance one button-push away, you manage your own phone system
  • Phones plugged in anywhere

Why Choose Access One for Your Hosted PBX Solution?

Affordable Pricing
The cost of a Hosted Phone System is considerably less that of a traditional phone system. Hosted PBX offers a fully managed, scalable solution without additional maintenance or support contracts.

Dozens of Features
Hosted PBX helps make your business more productive. From included features — management of calls, faxes and emails; Outlook and voicemail-to-email integration; personalization; auto attendant and call logs — to optional features such as call center, call recording and audio conferencing, our Hosted PBX offers everything you need.

State-of-the-Art Phones
Access One offers phones from Polycom, the industry leader in VoIP phones. Regardless of which device you choose to support your needs, you get the best in voice quality and performance. We offer lease and purchase options for your convenience.

Our mobile app, MaX UC Communicator, integrates your mobile device with desk phone functions so you can send and receive calls, instant messages (IMs) and video calls from any device connected to the Internet. Call Jump allows you to move a call from one device to another silently and seamlessly.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)
Unified communications technology enables you to use all the features of your Access One Cloud Hosted PBX from almost any device — whether at your desk, at home or on the move. See the real-time status of co-workers. Integrate calling and IM with email. Plus, you can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) applications like Salesforce and other business productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google apps and WebEx.

Call Center Solution
Our cloud-based call center software is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection — truly unlimited geographic flexibility. The software provides Enterprise-grade features and is configured, delivered, maintained and upgraded by teams with decades of call/contact center experience. Cloud-based delivery of our contact center software eliminates reliance on your IT department for changes, ensures that your contact center software is ALWAYS the most current version, simplifies training and provides robust analytic capabilities.

Unparalleled Service
Access One conducts a detailed site survey to ensure a seamless transition. Our skilled, knowledgeable technicians provide professional, “white glove” installation. And we offer training at your location so your employees can take full advantage of our feature-rich technology. Supplement your training with our digital resources, including how-to-guides, tutorials and shortcuts.

A Proven Track Record
We make it a priority to deliver prompt, thorough service to all of our customers. Whether you’re new to UCaaS or transitioning from a different provider, our expert technicians will ensure you get the service you deserve. See what our existing clients have to say:

"Help is always timely. They never leave you hanging. Two thumbs up!” -Joe S., Apple Chevrolet

"Access One customer service reps are always professional and helpful. They resolve our issues as quickly as possible and are always available to discuss any problems.” -Spero Adamis, Cornerstone Commercial Partners


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